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Badge Holders

ID Superstore carries a wide selection of high quality and affordable†badge holders. From executive†ID card holders†and security badge holders to medical badge holders and more, we've got what you need to keep your name badge protected from daily wear and tear, reducing the need for costly badge replacements.

Available in different sizes, colors, shapes, and orientation, our†name badge holders†are reusable and are a great way of ensuring that employees, students, and visitors keep their identification cards and badges visible at all times. Badge holders come in different configurations and are highly customizable with your brand name, logo, or event name

If you need a badge holder in a certain size or color, but can't find it on our website, call our helpful sales staff at 1-800-667-1772 or send us an email for assistance.

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ID Badge Holders Offer Many Benefits

Sure, plastic ID badge holders help protect your organization's name badge investment, but they also come with many other benefits. These benefits include:

  • Increased professionalism: When everyone at your company displays their ID badge in the same way, everyone looks more professional and organized.
  • Reduced costs: Name badge holders help protect your ID badges from wear and tear and reduce the need for replacement due to damage.
  • Improved identification systems: Color coding of your name badge holders helps with quick and easy identification of people from different departments in your organization.
  • Reduced loss: Name badge holders help keep your ID secured, so thereís less chances of them being misplaced.
  • Increased safety: Know who is permitted on your premises at all times with name badge holders prominently displaying ID.

ID Card and Name Badge Holders

ID card and name badge holders come in a variety of styles, sizes, orientations, and even materials. ID Superstore carries the widest selection of professional ID card holders online - all at the lowest prices. Here are some of our bestsellers:

Basic Badge HoldersSpecialty Badge Holders
  • Clear Flexible
  • Colored Flexible
  • Rigid

  • Arm band
  • Proximity Card Holders
  • Safety
  • Shielded
  • Magnetic
  • Card and Badge Dispenser

Every Kind of Badge Holder in Different Materials and Configuration

Whether you want your badge holder to be flexible or rigid, shielded or magnetic, in portrait or landscape orientation, you can expect to find the exact badge holder you need at ID Superstore.

Other Uses for ID Badge Holders

In addition to keeping ID cards and badges securely in place, badge holders are also useful for:
  • Ensuring that badges are protected from getting soiled, scratched, or damaged
  • Protecting the badge information encoded on the card from getting erased or the printed data from fading
  • Color coding badge users for quick visual identification from a distance

Badge Holders Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the advantages of using a badge holder?

Protective badge holders have many benefits. Chief among which is the protection of ID cards and badges from bending, fading, scratching, and other types of damages. Another benefit is the ability to display badges quickly and easily. With specialty armband badge holders, workers working with heavy machinery who are required to wear and display identification cards at all times are unencumbered from having to use a lanyard that could get snagged or tangled with equipment.

Do I go horizontal or vertical?

The answer is simple. Follow the orientation of the badge or ID card you will be using with the badge holder. If the badge is in portrait orientation, then go with a vertical badge holder. If the design of your ID card is in landscape, pick a horizontal badge holder.

How do I know if I need a flexible or a rigid badge holder?

The answer depends on the type of card you will be inserting to the badge holder. Rigid badge holders are ideal for access control, proximity, and smart cards because they can't be bent, offering superior protection for the sensitive electronics embedded in the card. For everything else, flexible badge holders are the most economical option.

Do I need a colored badge holder?

Color-coded badge holders are perfect for identifying groups easily like event attendees, caterers, sponsors, speakers, and the like. They are also great for indicating different levels of access and security clearances at secure facilities. Reflective color badge holders are likewise very useful in increasing the safety of employees who work in dangerous areas such as construction, airport, and roadside workers.

What attachment options are available for badge holders?

There are several attachment options available depending on the userís preference. Choices include: pins, strap clips, badge reels, magnet, and lanyards.

What are the benefits of using shielded badge holders?

In addition to protecting ID cards and badges from physical wear and tear, shielded badge holders provide the added benefit of preventing card skimming or the unauthorized access to ID information encoded on contactless credit and debit cards as well as RFID cards.

Do you have badge holders that can be used at nighttime and in low-light areas like bars and concert halls?

ID Superstore offers glow in the dark and reflective badge holders that provide safety in dark conditions. These special safety badge holders can be used in conjunction with armbands to position the card on the outside of the arm for greater visibility.

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FREE UPS Ground Shipping to US and Canada from ID superstore on ID supplies Orders Over $100