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eMedia CS - Standard Edition

eMedia CS - Standard Edition

$168.00 USD

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You Can Always Remove It Later.

  • Model: L8102-CS
  • Manufactured by: Evolis

The eMedia CS Standard version has all the features required to design and print badges, encode to magnetic stripes, and connect to an excel database.

Evolis eMedia Standard.

Images, Text, Barcodes, Shapes… A Comprehensive Design Toolbox
eMedia CS offers many alternatives when it comes to designing your badge: background image, logo, picture, texts, shapes (rectangle, lines, and circles), cliparts… And when it comes to barcodes, you can use one of the 15 types available, in a format which will be compatible with your barcode scanners.

Magnetic Stripes and Electronic Chip encoding
Do you need to encode magnetic stripes on your cards? With Media CS Standard edition, it’s easy as pie. A dedicated step-by-step wizard is available to guide you through the process. If you need to encode to SMART electronic chips, the PRO version of eMedia cards offers the same type of feature.

Instant Photo Shoot for a Quicker Badge Issuance
Thanks to the new ‘Supervision’ feature, you can take pictures in a snap using your webcam. These pictures are automatically linked to the badge design so you don’t have to waste your time selecting individual photos in your computer’s hard drive.

  • Design, Encode, Take Pictures, Connect to a database, Print
  • Easy and Intuitive
  • Powerful badge layout
  • Excel™-friendly, as standard. Other databases welcomed.

Familiar User Interface
Designed for Windows operating systems, eMedia's look and feel is close to standard office software, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or other Imaging softwares. The standard look of menu bars and icons are intuitive, making eMedia CS easy to use even for first-time users.

Drag and Drop
eMedia CS design mode is highly intuitive. Moving content objects is just a matter of dragging and dropping them to the desired location. Tweaking the aspect of the content object (text size, image border) is child’s play thanks to the properties windows with its contextual help messages.


WYSIWIG environmentEliminates the need for preview operations.
Multi-UserSeveral users can work on the same data through the network
Task divisionThe two different modes of eMedia (design mode and operating issuance mode)  allow users to design cards while other users are issuing cards
Password protectedPasword prevents the user from modifying the design of the card or from printing them
MultilingualEnglish, French, Spanish
Full on-line helpAn assistant guides you in your daily activities
AcquisitionUses standard technologies (Twain or WIA) or folder supervision
File formatsBMP, JPG, PNG, TIF, WMF and GIF file types including transparency
Picture storageExternal file on disk or Template file 
Imaging toolsDirect link to your favorite image modification application
All the objects are put on a layerYou can modify the opacity level of a layer to make its contents progressively more transparent.
Text objectsUses all Windows fonts. Static and Dynamic objects
Adaptation automatic of font sizeAuto-sizing texts: the font size can be changed automatically to adjust to the text boundaries.
Barcode objects15 types QR code included. Static and dynamic objects
Shape objectsLines, diagonals, filled and transparent rectangles, circles and ellipses
Front & backDesign of both sides of the card
Programmable objectsText and barcode objects can contain a calculation
Script as sourceeMedia-Cards CS supports a full featured scripting language. Just as web pages or Office application, you can use VBScript to extend the abilities of the software by setting automatically values in objects and change every properties they have.
Magnetic StripesISO and non-ISO 1, 2 and 3 ; JIS Type II. Eased programmable writing interface.
Magnetic Stripes data sourceFixed data, user data, system variables
Smart card encodingThrough any smart card application 
Smart card data sourceFixed data, user data, system variables. Database field contents and computations.
Standard driversPrintouts using standard Windows drivers
Selective printoutsBased on SQL command or range of values
Independent printing of both sidesUser may print only front or back side
Printing orientationIndependant orientations (portrait or landscape) for front and back sides
Microsoft Excel  datasheetsConnects to any Microsoft™ Excel™ datasheet
Standard DatabasesConnects to any standard database (Microsoft™ Access, SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC and OLEDB driver)
Data sourceDatabase field values can be used in text, barcode and image objects
Image StoragePath to image files acquired stored in database fields and directly as the SQL BLOB in SQL server or ORACLE™
Expression programmingWizard provided to create powerful formulas in objects
CoolReader™ technologyA database record can be selected by reading the barcode, the magnetic strip or the Mifare serial number of the card
COM ServerEasily integrate eMedia in your own applications or documents. Control eMedia from a Microsoft™ Excel worksheet, a Microsoft ™ Access application or an HTML page
Plug-insExtend the features of eMedia with third-party components 


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FREE UPS Ground Shipping to US and Canada from ID superstore on ID supplies Orders Over $100