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Badge Reels

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Retractable ID badge reels are among the most popular choices for displaying your ID card. A badge reel makes scanning your card much easier, while ensuring your ID is not in the way afterwards. Simply clip the ID reel to your belt and then attach your badge holder or slot punched plastic card.

ID Superstore has a wide selection of unique badge reels to suit your needs. A popular choice with ski instructors and nurses is the heavy-duty badge reel. Our badge reels can be personalized with your company name, logo or monogram. Consider using a custom badge reel to promote your organization at your next trade show or other event.

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The Benefits of Badge Reels

ID badge reels are great for keeping your access cards, identification cards, and security badges accessible and visible at all times. Equipped with very durable retractable cords, badge reels are very reliable, which is why they are among the bestselling ID accessories at ID Superstore.

The advantages of using badge reels include:
  1. Increased employee compliance on the policy of wearing ID badges
  2. Streamlined scanning and swiping of access cards
  3. Fewer incidence of misplaced cards or lost badges
  4. Improved team or school spirit
  5. Wider branding exposure

Popular in offices, schools, organizations, hospitals, tradeshows, and conferences, ID Superstore’s plastic badge reels are competitively priced to fit any budget.

Retractable badge reels come in various configuration, shapes, materials, and colors, which make them very appealing to different types of users. They are also highly customizable. Personalization options include full color logos, seals, and company slogans - all of which can be cheaply added to the front surface of the badge reel.

Badge Reel Customization Ideas

In addition to their utility, custom badge reels are ideal for corporate giveaways and tradeshow promotions because they are very economical to customize and are easy to order in bulk.

Most customers who order custom badge reels usually add corporate logos, institutional seals, school mascots, organizational slogans, product taglines, web addresses, and phone numbers to their custom-ordered badge reels.

Custom Badge Reel Design Tips

When you order custom designed badge reels from ID Superstore, you will receive premium quality badge reels with full color photographic quality vinyl labels that are durable and can withstand the elements for years to come.

When designing your custom retractable reels, we recommend that you utilize large and bold text with minimal details in order to ensure it remains legible. Because of the limited surface area available for custom printing, having too many information could result in a “busy looking” badge reel, which dilutes the message and makes the text difficult to read from a distance.

For best results, always use high-resolution copies of your logo or seal to ensure faithful reproduction of your design on the badge reel.

How Are Badge Reels Customized?

Badge reels can be personalized in three ways:
  • Direct Printing: Customer’s logo or message is printed directly onto the badge reel’s surface
  • Flat Label: Custom logo is printed to a label, which is flushed with the badge reel surface
  • Domed Label: A raised 3D label containing custom artwork is added to the badge reel

Popular Badge Reel Configurations

At ID Superstore, there’s a badge reel for everyone. Here are some of the bestselling badge reels from our online inventory:

Heavy Duty
No Twist

Badge Reel Attachment Options

Aside from color and shape considerations, you also have to consider badge reel attachment options. The two main attachment options to think about when choosing a badge reel are:

  • Badge Attachment
  • Backside Attachment

Badge Attachment - This refers to the way you are going to attach your badge or access card to your badge reel. There are three badge attachment options available, these are:
  • Clear vinyl strap clip – an economical option for attaching slotted badges
  • No-twist clip – perfect for badges that need to be always facing forward
  • Key ring – ideal for attaching keys, flash drives, pens, and badges

Backside Attachment – This refers to the method of wearing or attaching the badge reel to your clothing, belt, pocket, or even on lanyards. There are several options to choose from, these include:
  • Pin on
  • Metal clip
  • Swivel clip
  • Plastic clip
  • Carabiner clip

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FREE UPS Ground Shipping to US and Canada from ID superstore on ID supplies Orders Over $100