Indian Railways announces new ticketing portal

Indian Railways has launched a new ticket portal.

Indian Railways announces new ticketing portal

Indian Railways, responsible for India's massive and complex intercity train network, recently announced the launch of a new railway ticketing portal.

Developed by the Centre for Railway Information Systems, the IT arm of Indian Railways, the portal will include a variety of new features, including discounted tickets.

India's railway minister, Mamata Banerjee, said the portal would enable Indian Railways to reduce the service charge for tickets purchased online. Users can expect to save approximately $0.22 per ticket for air-conditioned seats and $0.11 for non-air-conditioned bookings.

In conjunction with the portal, Indian Railways announced the introduction of a new, pan-India railway smartcard. Called Go India, the new plastic cards will be made available initially on a pilot basis before wider distribution. Ultimately, it is hoped the new cards will be usable for local, suburban and long-distance train journeys.

Indian Railways controls the world's fourth largest railway network, after the United States, Russia and China. India's trains cover approximately 40,000 miles of track and carry more than 20 million passengers per day.


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