Schuylkill County Courthouse to upgrade security ID card system

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The Schuylkill County Courthouse is upgrading its ID card access system

Schuylkill County Courthouse officials recently told the Republican Herald that the county is set to update its aging security ID card system.

Officials told the paper that the old system, which allowed employees to enter the building through private entrances, had outlived its usefulness.

"The stuff is obsolete. We can’t even get cards to use for the old system," county sheriff Joseph G. Groody told the Republican Herald. He added that many employees don’t even have swipe cards for the old system because replacements have been so difficult to find.

Upgrading the system will cost the country approximately $10,000, according to the paper. Officials said bids to install a brand-new system were about $60,000.

The new system, according to the Republican Herald, will include a redesigned ID card complete with an employee’s name and a current photo.

Groody told the paper that he was unsure when the system upgrades would be complete, but hoped to finish the work as soon as possible.

The security system is one of many recent upgrades to county buildings. Previous reports from the Republican Herald say the county has also recently invested in new, energy-efficient heating and lighting plans for the Schuylkill County Courthouse and Schuylkill County Prison.

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