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If you're searching for wholesale lanyards at a great price, you're in the right place! Hang your ID badges, car keys, access cards and even cell phone using these premium lanyards. We have bulk lanyards in a variety of colors, designs, and configurations - beaded, breakaway, eco-friendly, necklace-style, woven-in, silk screen, dye sublimation and antimicrobial - all available in bulk for cheap.

In addition to the standard and pre-printed lanyards, we also sell custom printed lanyards for corporations, non-profits, colleges, organizations, and sports teams. Need bulk purple lanyards with a silver logo and break-away clasp? We have them in stock and ready to ship! Great for marketing promotions.

Looking for breakaway ID lanyards? Click on any of the sizes below to select either standard or break-away. Schools, prisons, and organizations that require extra health precautions choose safety breakaway lanyards for their ID badges to mitigate any choking hazard.

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Quality Lanyards

Ordering the perfect lanyard for your organization is easier than ever with our incredible selection.

Wholesale Lanyards Wholesale lanyards also make great cost-effective promotional giveaways at special events. We encourage you to imagine the possibilities and think about how your organization's lanyards can stand out from the crowd, promote your cause, instill organizational pride, and even help save the Earth!

The number of custom lanyard features and style options is incredible and we want to share with you some of the newest features:
  • Materials and colors to match any motif or logo, including many pre-printed lanyards
  • Custom printing – most lanyards can have any logo, motto or mission statement printed on them inexpensively in any font and color using our custom lanyards design tool
  • Fashion lanyards – can look and feel like real leather or come beaded in contemporary styles
  • Go Green! – Earth friendly lanyards are made of renewable exotic materials such as bamboo or recycled materials for the same price as a typical lanyard
  • Antimicrobial lanyards for sterile environments, such as a hospital
  • Lanyards with cell phone holders or pen holders to keep hands free
  • Breakaway lanyards – this safety feature can be incorporated into nearly any style lanyard
Browse our vast selection of lanyards and imagine the possibilities. Many of the features listed above can be combined. So if you have some ideas, but don't see the perfect matching lanyard, just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-667-1772 or e-mail us. We'll help you find the right lanyard for your organization or event.

Lanyard Material Choices and Printing Options

A lot of promotional items can be customized but nothing else offers the flexibility of custom lanyards. In choosing lanyards, options abound. From the choice of material, to lanyard size and print color, the possibilities are endless.

Let’s look at some lanyard options:

    Red lanyard
  • Polyester – One of the most popular and commonly used materials for lanyards, polyester is durable and long lasting. They are perfect for personalization because the material can easily be printed on.
  • Nylon - Considered a great alternative to polyester, nylon lanyards are a popular choice for those looking for a smoother and glossier finish to their lanyard. They are also perfect for those who are looking for a more durable option.
  • Tubular – For those who require a more economical option, tubular lanyards are a great alternative. Utilizing the same highly quality polyester material, tubular lanyards are the perfect choice for those looking for a balance between comfort and price.
  • Woven – Another great option for custom lanyards, woven lanyards are made from polyester and are perfect for those who prefer their brand or message to be embroidered instead of printed. This option is perfect for text only customizations.
  • Dye Sublimation or Full Color Printing – Thanks to dye sublimation technology, it is now possible to print intricate logos and text with multiple colors on lanyards. Because images and texts are transferred to the lanyard and not printed on its surface, lanyards customized using this technology last longer than those personalized using hot stamping methods.

Lanyard Attachment Options

In addition to the lanyard material options discussed above, there are also several lanyard attachments available. Learn about some of them below:
Lanyard attachment options
  • J-Hooks – The most common lanyard attachment, J-Hooks are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. They come in both non-swivel and swivel options.
  • Bulldog Clips – Considered the least flexible lanyard hardware attachment, bulldog clips are designed to attach to badge holders with oblong holes at the top.
  • Lobster Claw – For those looking for a more versatile and heavy-duty attachment, the lobster claw is a good choice.
  • Split Rings – Mainly used for attaching keys as well as badge reels for retractable lanyards, split rings are ideal for badge holders with built-in attachments.
  • Quick-Release Buckles – For those who swipe their ID badge frequently, these quick-release buckle lanyard attachment is the perfect solution as it allows the wearer to remove the bottom portion of the attachment without having to remove the lanyard.
  • Breakaway Connectors – Designed with safety in mind, this breakaway lanyard attachment is perfect for users who work areas where there is a possibility for the lanyard to be pulled or snagged.

The Benefits of Custom Branded Lanyards

The usefulness of lanyards is not limited to holding security badges and identification cards. They can be easily customized to showcase your brand or promote the event you’re organizing. In terms of security, custom lanyards can act as a cost-effective tool for the quick identification of employees and visitors from afar.

Lanyards have numerous benefits that more businesses use them to promote their brand and products. Cause-oriented groups also utilize lanyards to communicate their message and raise awareness for various issues and causes.

Here are some excellent uses for lanyards:

  • Perfect for Brand or Event Promotion - The primary advantage of using personalized lanyards, as mentioned above is that it serves as a highly visible and effective promotional item for your business. They are great for increasing product awareness and for establishing brand recall.
  • Custom branded lanyards
  • Very Affordable - Unlike other promotional items, lanyards are very economical. Customizing a lanyard doesn’t cost more than a dollar and they are even easier to fit in limited budgets as personalized lanyards become even more affordable when ordered in bulk.
  • Can Double As a Security Tool - With color-coded or custom branded lanyards, identifying workers in a secure work area is a breeze. They are also useful for teams attending public events such as trade shows and conventions. For teachers, lanyards are a great way of ensuring that kids remain safe and accounted for during field trips.
  • Works with Other Promotional Items - Customized lanyards go well with many other promotional items such as custom branded badge reels, button pins, and badge holders.

We also have several educational articles that discuss the details of the various lanyard options available.

Lanyard Resources from our Learning Center:


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FREE UPS Ground Shipping to US and Canada from ID superstore on ID supplies Orders Over $100