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Custom Lanyards examples

You can create your own lanyard design and order it by clicking here!

Design Your Own Lanyard Tool

Our online tool allows you to create custom designed lanyards by taking you through each step of the customization process. You will be guided as you choose various customization options like personalized text, custom logo, choice of color and width, as well as finishing touches like hook attachments and other lanyard accessories.

A Simple 4 step guide


Select your Material

Standard Material Types

Flat Braid
Most economical choice

Tubular Flexible Polyester . Great for silk screen imprinting .

MicroWeave - Most Popular!
Design is woven into the fabric. The tight weave allows for a crisp and clean imprint. You can choose up to 12 thread colors.

Smooth, satin-like polyester material . Superior base for imprinting

A polyester material in which the design is woven into the fabric.

Specialty Material Types

Comprised of rayon fibers that are made from Bamboo. Very soft to the touch.

Organic Cotton
Made with 100% organic cotton which is grown without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides .

Polyester material which contains Nanoparticles that coat the material fibers to prevent the growth of germs.

Recycled P.E.T.
Made from 100% recycled polyester . (80% Pre-Consumer & 20% Post-Consumer waste)


Select your Imprint Method

Standard Imprinting Methods

Silk Screen
The most economical imprinting method. You can silk screen on almost every material with the exception of Woven-In. Allows up to a 3 color imprint.

Dye Sublimation
(a.k.a. Dye-Sub) Color is dyed into the fabric. Ideal for intricate designs. Endless color options and shows gradient detail. For best results, chose UltraWeaveTM fabric.


Select Width

Width options

There are four different width options depending on which material you choose . The most popular width is 5/8"


Select your Attachment

Attachment Options
An attachment is the component on the end of the lanyard that holds ID cards, keys, cell phones, etc...Here are some examples of standard lanyard attachments.

Safety Breakaway
A safety breakaway disconnects when pulled to prevent choking. Most schools and hospitals require breakaways.

Specialty Attachments
such as the DTACH, are also available. Add a DTACH for more versatility