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Best Prices in the Industry

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Customized Products

Custom Printed Lanyards

Custom Lanyards - Promote Your Brand with Custom-Printed Lanyards

Custom lanyards are more eye-catching and interesting than ordinary, single color lanyards. Personalizing lanyards with your chosen colors, logo, brand name and/or slogan makes them attractive, easy to identify, and gives your people the opportunity to talk about your products and services. They can also be used as giveaways, allowing you to expand your network and gain more business.

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Visitor Management Solutions - The Professional and Secure Way to Protect Your People and Property

Many organizations find that one of the bigger obstacles to organizational security is finding a visitor management solution that can be quickly and efficiently implemented.

ID Superstore offers a range of visitor management supplies including expiring visitor badges, data capture equipment, and security signage that will help your organization put an effective visitor management system in place without burdening your employees, customers, or visitors with complicated procedures.

Guest badges that auto-expire

Expiring Badge Supplies

Expiring badge supplies offer visitor identification systems that streamline the way you document your organization’s visitors. As their name suggests, expiring badges are active for a set amount of time (usually 1 business day). When a badge expires, its appearance changes to reflect the expiration. Badges can have colored lines running across them or the word “VOID” may display when the badge expires. This deters guests from overstaying and allows security personnel to locate them easily. You may also elect to customize how visitor badges show expiration.

Visitor Signage Systems

Visitor Log Systems

Having a permanent record of who visited when and for what purpose is also important to ensure that no security breach has occurred. A sign-in system that can be used for reference by your security team that also protects the confidentiality of your visitors at the same time is crucial for tracking and monitoring visitor traffic regardless of the volume of guests, business partners, and non-permanent staff you get every day. We offer the best log recording equipment and accessories to help secure access to restricted areas, your network and other assets.

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Customized ID Cards

Custom Cards & IDs - Professional & Secure Cards On Time, Every Time

In our secure facility, we manufacture and print custom plastic ID cards on demand for corporate and government clients. Our experience and skills in providing quality ID credentials are at your disposal. Send us your artwork and we will create a sample card proof for you. We create a variety of personalized plastic cards:

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Customized Badge Reels

Custom Badge Reels - Improve your Branding with Custom Badge Reels

A custom badge reel can be used as a conversation starter, a small but useful ID accessory that grabs people's attention and have them talk about your company, products and services. Choose the type of badge reel you want then add in your logo and slogan and you can have all of your employees, not just your marketing and sales people, proudly talk to others about your business.

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Pre-printed cards sample

Pre-Printed Card Solutions - Save Time and Money with Pre-Printed Cards

Pre-printed cards are a cost-effective solution to having your cards made available to you for final processing and integration with your card program at the soonest possible time.

We Manufacture and Print a Wide Range of Card Types

Regardless of whether you need company IDs, facility access cards, visitor badges, event passes, gift cards, membership cards, loyalty cards or professional business cards, ID Superstore will work with you to guarantee you have the best quality cards for your specific need.

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Do you have questions about customized products? We have answers!

I want to order custom cards... how do I get started?

Custom plastic cards come in many forms: Event Badges, Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards, Membership Cards, Hotel Key Cards, Access Cards, Photo ID Cards, Luggage Tags, and even Key Fobs. Whatever your needs are, ID Superstore can help. With nearly four decades of knowledge and experience, you can be sure you’re relying on the best when it comes to your custom plastic card needs. Click here and learn more →

We can help you with your custom ID needs

What are the benefits of pre-printed custom cards?

Expiring visitor badges are cost-effective security IDs specially designed to show they are no longer valid after a specified amount of time has passed. Click here to learn more about expiring badges and how you can use them to improve your security →

Why should I have my badge reels customized

Badge reels are important because they make life very convenient for those who need to handle their ID cards frequently. Customizing them with your company logo or your service's tag line will help you boost employee morale and, more importantly, help you promote your business. Read why you should customize badge reels by clicking here →

Why should I customize badge reels?

Whether you are increasing security as a response to a breach or simply instituting measures to harden already established security protocols, boosting security systems need not be expensive. Click here and read this article to know more →

How do I design a customized card?

If you are new to custom ID design, most ID printer software come with template sets to help you get started. However, if you want more creative license, you need to ask yourself a few questions to help you meet your personalized ID design requirements. Click here to continue reading →