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Corporate cards can help you secure your place of business, automate certain processes and increase the efficiency and productivity of your workers.

By investing in an in-house card issuance program, you will be able to issue multi-function cards that streamline your operations while improving customer experience and increasing your bottom line.

With an in-house card system, you will be able to:

  • Authenticate customer accounts, set up rights and manage limits
  • Track time and attendance more efficiently
  • Control access to restricted areas, supply rooms and warehouses
  • Increase productivity, efficiency and security


Visual Identification

Printing a high-resolution employee photo ID using a high definition ID card printer only takes a few seconds. This makes issuing ID cards with accurate image reproduction very fast, allowing employees to wear their IDs right after printing.
Custom-printed lanyards, badge reels and colored badge holders can also be used to help you and your security personnel quickly determine which department someone belongs to or what access level privileges he has. Time-expiring visitor badges issued at the front-desk carry a distinct design to help spot guests and track their movement within company premises.

Physical access

Access to corporate-owned offices, cafeterias, parking lots and other properties can be secured with the use of the latest ID card technologies. Smart cards for permanent staff and regular contractors can be designed and issued by the Human Resources department while clients and guests can be given expiring visitor badges at the lobby by the receptionist. Investing in thermal transfer ID card printers for the HR team and direct-to-card printers for security personnel will help your company successfully implement an innovative and reliable ID card program to protect your business. Purchasing YMCKT ribbons and laminate supplies helps you add a protective topcoat layer to your cards to shield them from abrasions, moisture and chemicals and extend their life span.

Logical Access

Businesses have started implementing BYOD (bring-your-own-device) policies that allow executives, managers, supervisors and privileged personnel to access the corporate network using laptops, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. A logical access control system (LACS) should be set up and integrated to existing ID card solutions to protect confidential data and secure access to the corporate network. Digital keys can be imprinted on select IDs to help authenticate people granted with high security clearances. Aside from having to swipe these specially printed IDs to enter restricted areas, you can have biometric devices scan a card user’s physical attributes before granting him permission to use a workstation or software application. Keep your inventory sufficiently supplied with blank holographic PVC cards or RFID cards to quickly address ID card issuance concerns.

Time and Attendance

Time-keeping software can log and record employee attendance and activity inside company property. Magnetic stripe cards and proximity cards can be swiped or scanned to send check-in and check-out time stamps to an attendance monitoring program. This eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone manual processing of timecards and helps prevent paying for unjustified overtime and questionable log entries. Using proximity ID card solutions allows your HR and Finance departments to oversee employee compliance and process payrolls with greater efficiency and reduced labor costs. Regularly use ID printer cleaning kits to maintain your plastic card printer and prevent card jams when producing company ID cards.


Multi-function smart cards not only benefit companies with the convenience of being able to safeguard their facilities and IT assets using one ID card, but also allow their employees to enjoy the advantages of cashless transactions. With a microchipped ID card integrated to the canteen’s POS system, your staff can purchase their meals or buy a snack or beverage from a vending machine and have the cost automatically deducted from the cash value stored on their ID cards. Magstripe cards and radio-frequency proximity ID cards can be used as economical alternatives to smart card solutions.


Whatever your corporate card program entails, ID Superstore will work with you to identify and build the best solution to meet your needs. From initial system design through installation and testing, as well as training and technical support, our team of experienced card experts will be with you every step of the way. Call or email us today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

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