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A secure and integrated card system enables schools, colleges and universities to foster a safe working and learning environment for both staff and students.

By combining identification, access control, time and attendance and transactional applications into one card, you will be able to make your institution a safe environment conducive for learning.

With a fully integrated in-house card system, you will be able to:

  • Authenticate identities of students, visitors and staff
  • Control access to school buildings, classrooms, and restricted areas
  • Secure user logins to university internal networks and databases
  • Manage checkout of books and other school equipment
  • Automate classroom attendance tracking and cafeteria payments


Logical Access

Implementing secure ID card solutions integrated with your school network ensures that only people you authorize will have access to sensitive records. Both students and staff can be limited to use certain physical and electronic resources within campus premises, preventing the use of the school network for harmful and illegal activities. Software that can log identity and track intranet/internet activity helps lessen, if not prevent, cyber bullying and other forms of social media harassment. Aside from being restrictive, enforcing logical access rules frees you and your teaching staff to communicate and reach out to parents more effectively via e-mail and other electronic means. Furthermore, students will be able to use their identification credentials to access electronic resources from the library to do research and complete coursework requirements.

Physical Access

Access to school facilities and physical assets can be limited to individuals who carry authorized campus ID credentials. The safety of school children, teachers and school staff can be improved by implementing secure ID card solutions integrated with physical access control systems (PACS). By utilizing multi-function smart cards and on-site card verification readers, your security security personnel will be able to effectively prevent suspicious individuals from entering school grounds and using school equipment. Having a visitor management system in place will enable you to log and keep track of guest visits and monitor activity within school premises. For those working within a budget, Proximity cards and contactless readers are good options. They are equally effective for securing schools, colleges and universities.


Cashless payments make campus life more convenient. Identification cards with magnetic stripes or microchip technology allow faster financial transactions in campuses by allowing students to pay for food, books, transportation, tuition and other school-related fees electronically. Unlike older models, modern vending machines equipped with card readers do not eat up change, always dispensing the correct product desired and always deducting the exact amount from stored-value cards. The implementation of rewards programs promotes the use of advanced ID solutions for laundry, photocopying, and other services provided by partner establishments. Stored-value card systems and integrated payment gateway applications help your students and their parents keep track of expenditures and manage their budget more effectively. Cost-effective desktop ID card printers and high-coercivity PVC cards for use with digital payment systems are readily available at ID Superstore.


Newer plastic cards that contain embedded chips are able to hold more data and perform more advanced functions, opening many possibilities for card issuers like educational institutions. One application is storing relevant medical information that can help emergency response units and medical personnel make informed decisions during critical situations. Cards can also hold family and next of kin information for timely notification when a crisis occurs at school. A card printer with smart card encoding features, like the ZXP Series 3, is needed to produce this type of ID cards.

Visual Identity

ID badges worn within school premises help campus security quickly verify the identity of students, teachers, staff and guests and discourage suspicious individuals from accessing school facilities and services. Valid photo ID cards with tamper-resistant card elements like micro text, holograms and UV-viewable images are extremely difficult to forge and counterfeit. Retransfer printers and ID supplies like holographic overlaminates and plastic cards with built-in hologram images for issuing secure credentials are ideal for educational ID applications. Simple and inexpensive ID accessories like lanyards with role-designated text, color-coded badge holders, and temporary school visitor badges further make visual identification easy.


Whatever your institution’s card program requires, ID Superstore will work with you to identify and develop the customized solution that fully meets your needs. From initial system design through installation and testing, as well as training and technical support, our team of experienced ID experts will be with you every step of the way. Call or email us today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

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