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Facility access cards can help you automate the granting and revocation of access, both physical and logical.

By investing in an in-house card issuance program for your facility, you will be able to issue multi-function cards that streamline many aspects of your everyday operations while increasing security.

With an in-house card system, you will be able to:

  • Authenticate the identities of employees, contractors, visitors and clients
  • Track usage of sensitive equipment or disbursement of supplies
  • Control access to restricted facilities, supply rooms and warehouses
  • Increase productivity, efficiency and security


Visual Identification

Identity verification at airports, harbors, and border checkpoints is usually done by visually inspecting national IDs, passports, driver’s licenses, social security IDs and other government-issued credentials. Security personnel in these locations and other areas open to the public should be equipped with the latest card readers and scanners. They should also be expertly trained to detect forged cards and deny entry to suspicious individuals. When issuing your own secure ID for your establishment, make sure your cards have anti-counterfeiting features like the following:

Including one or a combination of these in your card design will make them tamper-proof and help thwart criminals from compromising everybody’s safety and well-being.

Physical Access

It is necessary for government-owned buildings and public facilities to have an effective ID program that can both authenticate and track guests, clients and staff. Administrators can choose from these ID technologies to log entry-point timestamps:

When used together with ID software that has database and visitor management features, you can monitor every person’s movement within the premises and allow guards to swiftly respond to disturbances and life-threatening situations. For enhanced security, turnstiles with accompanying card readers or scanners can be deployed at designated locations.

Logical access

Proprietary data and state assets must be accessible only to authorized personnel. With multi-factor authentication you can further restrict access to server rooms, control towers, laboratories, and even specific network workstations. Aside from validating a cardholder’s ID, this also involves requiring individuals to enter their Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) or password credentials at client PC terminals, or have their fingerprint or iris scanned with biometric capture devices.

In addition, specially designed smart card IDs with digitally encrypted keys can be issued to officials and people with high-level security clearances. Consult with ID Superstore’s specialists to know which ID system is best to secure your facility.


Start your ID card program today! Begin enjoying the benefits of an efficient, reliable ID solution by letting our professional card experts help you in designing, deploying, and launching your system. ID Superstore will provide all the support you need to get your card issuance program up and running at the soonest possible time and with the biggest savings to you. Call or email us today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

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