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A secure and integrated card system enables government institutions to foster a safe working environment for both its workers, allowing them to deliver more efficient services to their constituents.

By combining identification, access control, time and attendance and transactional applications into a single, fully integrated multi-application card, you will be able to:

  • Authenticate identities of workers, visitors, clients and contractors
  • Control access to government buildings, secure facilities and restricted areas
  • Secure user logins to government networks and databases
  • Manage resources and manpower
  • Automate delivery of benefits and services


Visual Identification

Government-issued IDs help civil authorities verify identity to ensure the delivery of goods and services to citizens and allow individuals to exercise their legal rights and privileges. Social Security IDs, driver’s licenses, passport cards, voter’s IDs, and fishing permits provide documentation entitles people to receive benefits, travel freely, and participate in legal, state-mandated activities. These types of cards are produced using thermal transfer printers with smart card encoding capability and other features that enhance security, preventing and discouraging criminals from tampering and counterfeiting the cards. You can easily include the following anti-forging measures in your card design:

With official IDs using modern technologies and features, your local government units and federal offices can simplify their processes and serve the public more efficiently.

Social services

Local governments can issue resident IDs that allow their constituents to take advantage of county, city, and state-granted privileges like toll discounts, specific tax exemptions, and free or subsidized healthcare treatment. With cost-effective solutions like using magnetic stripe PVC cards and printing barcodes with direct-to-card printers, mayors, governors and congressmen can initiate projects and programs that benefit their district’s community.

Access control

Government-owned buildings and infrastructure need to be protected with the highest level of security to guarantee uninterrupted operations in providing quality service to the public. Military bases, embassies, courthouses, research labs, law-enforcement academies, national monuments and state-protected historical structures can use physical access control solutions (PACS) on-site to exponentially increase security. Enforcing strict admission rules combining the use of smart cards biometrics and scanning devices will keep your facility and staff protected from threats to national security. Guests, vendors, customers and contractors can be restricted to select areas by issuing temporary proximity access control cards and expiring badges. To implement a comprehensive, secure ID card issuance program, you get the best value by purchasing a dual-sided thermal transfer printer and an ID personalization application with visitor management software.

Logical access

Admission to facilities that house sensitive information on government databases and networks can be secured through the use of state-of-the-art smart cards with biometric technology and anti-counterfeiting features. IDs can be customized to bear official seals as holograms, include digitized signatures and fingerprints, and feature laser-readable nano text. With the help of ID Superstore’s experts, you can launch your secure card issuance program and prevent privileged information from getting to the wrong hands.

Government-issued Benefits

Today’s advanced ID card solutions can streamline payment processes and help both local and national agencies promptly deliver benefits and receive financial monies for services rendered. State, federal and regional offices can apply smart card technologies to speed up the collection of taxes, fines and various monetary transactions. Your government office can mandate the use of either contact or contactless cards to permit residents to receive their welfare, healthcare, housing, disability and other benefits more quickly.
Authentication can be done using barcode scanners to read barcode information on IDs to verify identity and facilitate the swift disbursement of funds. Also, the ability to easily confirm the identity of claimants lessens the likelihood of defrauding the government and its citizens. Using ID-based electronic payment solutions also increases government employee efficiency by releasing staff to focus on more important work instead of having to ascertain the validity and legitimacy of paper credentials.


Whatever your institution’s card program requires, ID Superstore will work with you to identify and develop the customized solution that fully meets your needs. From initial system design through installation and testing, as well as training and technical support, our team of experienced ID experts will be with you every step of the way. Call or email us today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

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