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Gym membership cards help you keep your facilities and your paying members safe while also serving to increase membership. A complete card issuance solution gives you the ability to personalize and issue membership cards on demand.

With your own card printing and encoding solution, you will be able to:

  • Identify paying members and authorized staff
  • Control access to and usage of facilities and equipment
  • View equipment and facilities usage trends
  • Target specific members based on preference and behavior


Visual Identification

Issuing photo ID cards to gym and health club members helps receptionists, desk clerks and security personnel verify identity and grant the use of club equipment and services. Highlighting and enhancing the visibility of the club’s logo in your ID design encourages members to avail their privileges each time they see their card. Lanyards and badge reels can be customized to display your slogan and help both your staff and customers talk about membership benefits to others. Start your membership card issuance program with a cost-effective ID card printer system. You not only get a high-quality direct-to-card printer, you also get the following:

  • an ID card software design program that can store member information in a database
  • blank PVC cards
  • a USB digital camera
  • and full-color ribbon cartridges

Physical Access

Only paying members should have access to your organization’s assets. With barcodes or magnetic stripes, you can record personal data and identify members at the lobby before they use anything within the facility. Regardless of which of these two technologies you implement, you can confirm club member access to your establishment’s parking lot, building, and exercise and sauna rooms by letting them swipe their cards or have their smart cards scanned at entry check points. An ID design software with database support can be used to save log-in and log-out records from data captured with magnetic card readers and barcode scanners. Applying security features like hologram overlays, signature strips, laser readable hidden text printed with a YMCUvK ribbon, and biometrics will prevent your cards from being counterfeited.

Loyalty and Rewards

Reward your repeat customers to encourage continued patronage by starting a loyalty program. Every attendance and use of your services can be recorded whenever a client utilizes his magstripe or proximity club card. Points are accumulated with each swipe or scan, which can later be exchanged for services or goods on discounted prices. For seasonal and time-limited marketing campaigns, you can use your plastic ID card printer and thin PVC cards to produce promotional cards and boost your revenue. Disposable eco-friendly cards are a good choice for attracting new members, especially those who are health and environment conscious. Furthermore, different colored cards can be used to show membership types and grant VIP clients and those who belong to other member levels exclusive perks.


Payments for membership renewals and upgrades, equipment rentals and other in-house purchases can be processed faster when you combine your club membership card application to digital payment solutions like:

  • ATM integration
  • stored-value credits
  • e-Wallet support

This greatly improves your cash flow by crediting monetary transactions directly to your business’ financial account. This also gives your customers an alternative option to paying via credit cards, helping them save on the time and effort of having to go back to their lockers or fumble through their gym bag just to get money from their wallets. People can quickly buy items from your pro shop, get a power bar from the vending machine or purchase a drink from the juice bar by simply using their membership IDs. ID Superstore’s experts can help you design and print your club’s key tags or assist you in choosing the right card printer, blank PVC cards, and wearable badge holders for your health club, spa or gym.


Whatever your gym membership card program entails, ID Superstore will work with you to identify and build the best solution to meet your needs. From initial system design through installation and testing, as well as training and technical support, our team of experienced card experts will be with you every step of the way. Call or email us today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

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