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Hotels and Casinos

Hotel membership and casino loyalty cards can help you promote your business, reward existing clients and earn the loyalty of your customers. By investing in an in-house card issuance program, you will be able to issue multi-function cards that streamline your operations while improving customer experience and your bottom line.

With an in-house card system, you will be able to:

  • Personalize the experience of your visitors like automatically registering their arrival to customizing the thermostat of their rooms to established preferences
  • Authenticate identities of VIP and high profile clients to ensure that they receive the level of service they expect and deserve
  • Track winnings, spending habits, game preferences of high rollers and repeat customers
  • Control access to secure areas and VIP lounges
  • Increase profits, customer satisfaction, staff productivity and overall efficiency through the use of multi-function smart cards



A personalized card for gaming and hospitality gives you the opportunity to engage your guests on a more personal level. It opens the opportunity to turn first-time customers into your brand ambassadors, and it all starts with your own card printer and ID software. With a fully integrated card program, you will be able to capture valuable client information that you can leverage to build lasting, one-to-one relationships with your customers.

Customer Tracking

Find out which games bring in more customers by collecting game analytics. Tweak your offerings according to player habits and preferences. All these, and more, can be done with a fully integrated card system. Of course, there are clients who prefer to remain anonymous. You can still offer them the same benefits with preprinted casino cards that don’t contain any of their information.

Stored Value

Cards can be programmed to store the guest’s winnings, but you can bring this innovative feature beyond the cashier by making the funds available for use at your restaurants, hotels, spas, and gift shop. Increase your profits by selling preloaded magnetic stripe cash cards that your customers can buy and give out as gifts. With the assistance of experienced card professionals, you can even set up your cards to work with 3rd party businesses, where you can take a percentage of all the transactions made using your card.

Loyalty Program

With your own ZXP Series 3 card printer and encoder, you can start a rewards program where you issue loyalty cards to your guests that earn points every time they stay at your hotel, dine at your restaurant or play at your casinos. These accumulated points may then be redeemed for casino vouchers, free spa sessions or free overnight stay at your hotel. Issuing a personalized card that offer perks and rewards for simply being your customer creates goodwill and fosters loyalty, which in turn, increase the likelihood of them coming back.

Key Cards

Using reusable cards for managing access as opposed to traditional keys offer many benefits, chief of which are security, reduced costs and convenience. With access cards, granting and restricting access can be done quickly and securely. Movements of guests and hotel staff between areas can also be tracked and recorded in a database. For an extra layer of security, holographic laminates can be added to your cards to prevent tampering and counterfeiting.


Whatever your hotel and casino card program entails, ID Superstore will work with you to identify and build the best solution to meet your needs. From initial system design through installation and testing, as well as training and technical support, our team of experienced card experts will be with you every step of the way. Call or email us today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

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