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Military and Law Enforcement

Identification credentials for military and law enforcement agents are paramount as they provide citizens and the general public with the ability to easily and reliably identify military and police personnel. They offer reassurance to the public that they are dealing with legitimate police officers or government agents. It is also critical in inter-agency cooperation, particularly when interacting with other agents. A secure and integrated card system ensures that all agents and officers are properly credentialed.

With a fully customized and integrated card issuance system, you will be able to:

  • Create secure credentials
  • Issue identification badges to new officers quickly
  • Maximize efficiency of cooperation between agencies
  • Increase public trust in law enforcement


Visual Identification

High resolution Photo IDs allow members of the police force, federal agents, state marshals, soldiers and other peace officers to be easily identified visually. Aside from an updated picture showing the card bearer wearing his uniform, official IDs should include all of the following to help security personnel confirm the card holder’s identity upon close inspection:

  • Card owner’s full name
  • Card owner’s physical details (height, weight, eye color, etc.)
  • Card owner’s signature
  • The issuing agency ’s name and logo
  • The issuing agency’s headquarter address and contact numbers
  • Date of card issuance
  • Date of card validity

The required use of specially manufactured, graphic quality smart cards by authorized staff at police stations and precincts, justice buildings, federal offices, military bases and government installations will deter intruders and criminal elements from gaining access to the facility and its resources. Lanyards, badge reels, colored badges and other customizable ID card accessories also help authorities quickly spot and locate individuals in a crowd.

Physical Access

Proximity cards provide excellent physical access control applications for securing law enforcement headquarters and military facilities. Cards with embedded RFID chips can be encoded with strongly encrypted digital keys to help classify the card user’s access level. Handheld or fixed card scanners can retrieve the information stored on these cards and help determine if an individual is granted the necessary rights to enter the building, go to a floor, or enter a specific room. The most cost-effective card solution for fast visual authentication is to issue two kinds of ID credentials:

This helps you effectively monitor everybody’s movement within the premises and allows you to immediately challenge individuals who are not wearing the correct ID with the correct access privileges.

Logical Access

Only high-ranking officials and staff with the appropriate security clearances have the privilege to use workstation PCs and access classified records and databases. Network centers and computer rooms can implement multiple credential validation protocols to make sure that the facility’s IT equipment and software are only used by certified personnel. Encoding biometric data on ID credentials go a long way in preventing trespassers and impostors from entering restricted areas. In addition, the use of laminates that have diffractive Optical Variable Devices (OVDs) ensure that the cards cannot simply be duplicated or tampered with. Launch a reliable secure card program by purchasing quality retransfer printers, colored ribbons,OVD overlaminates and programmable proximity cards from ID Superstore.


Issuing tamper-resistant and forge-proof IDs is essential for the proper and swift distribution and release of beneficiary goods and services. This applies for members of the armed forces and law enforcement agencies who are:

  • On active duty
  • Part of the reserve corps
  • Retired

Next of kin and other direct relatives qualified to receive dependent benefits should likewise have identification cards that cannot be reproduced or falsified. Use holographic laminates, holomark cards and other security measures to foil counterfeiters from copying law enforcement ID credentials. Also, don’t forget to protect your ID printers with an access card to only allow authorized personnel to print cards.


ID Superstore will work with you to identify and build the best solution to meet your needs. From initial system design through installation and testing, as well as training and technical support, our team of experienced card experts will be with you every step of the way. Call or email us today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

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