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Religious Organizations

Growing church membership and expanding community involvement have made church and religious leaders turn to ID cards and desktop card printers for ensuring the safety of church members during church services and other important events like fundraisers and Sunday school.

With a complete card issuance solution, your church will be able to:

  • Identify church members, staff, volunteers and guests
  • Track member attendance and visitor movement
  • Increase security and efficiency
  • Design custom cards for different users


Visual Identification

Personalized photo identification cards offer many benefits to any church group or religious organization. The most common benefit is the opportunity for members to get to know each other. This is particularly helpful for large congregations and church groups that hold regular fundraisers and community outreach activities. ID cards also allow church leaders validate the identities of adults picking up children from Sunday school.

By incorporating custom ID card designs and color-coded badge holders and custom-printed lanyards, you will be able to classify different groups like volunteers and staff more efficiently.

Attendance Tracking

By adding data encoding features to your desktop card printer, you will be able to issue ID cards that have attendance tracking capabilities, which can prove useful for managing large church or community gatherings. Magnetic stripe cards and smart cards can be swiped or scanned at strategic locations to track attendance and participation in important events. The attendance data can then be used and analyzed to identify and tweak which services, programs and activities resonate more your flock.


Whether your church is raising funds for a cause, organizing a Sunday retreat, or providing childcare during church services, a card printer that can issue personalized ID cards instantly and reliably will make your activities and services safe, secure and organized. Call or email us today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

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