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Supermarket and Restaurants

Supermarket and restaurant gift cards offer a proven way to engage new customers.

In addition, they also turn existing customers into brand advocates for your business. Proof to this is the growing sales of gift cards across many industries. By investing in your own card printing system, you will be able to hop into this gravy train while the iron is hot.

With your own card printing solution, you will be able to:

  • Identify employees, contractors, delivery staff and suppliers
  • Track employee attendance and gift card sales
  • Promote specials and increase customer loyalty
  • Secure your store or restaurant


Visual Identification

Groceries, food shops, restaurants and eateries that require their employees to wear their photo IDs at all times builds trust between its servers and its customers. Shoppers and diners feel more at ease and more willing to spend when they see the person assisting them wearing an ID card. A good employee card for supermarkets and diners should have the following clearly displayed:

  • An eye-catching business logo and brand name
  • The employee’s high-resolution photo
  • Employee details (name, position, date of hire, etc.)
  • The card's validity date

Make your waiters, cashiers, merchandisers and other employees display their identification cards to convey transparency and accountability and convert first-time buyers to regular clients.

Attendance and Timekeeping

Recording employee attendance is made simple using magnetic stripes and barcodes on ID cards. Have your managers, department heads, supervisors, and staff clock in and clock out by presenting their credentials for scanning with special ID readers. The log records are sent to a time-tracking software for processing wages. Unlike traditional punch cards which can be forged with entries, digital timekeeping solutions offer accurate data logs so you don’t have to pay for over breaks and “buddy punches” (fellow employees punching an absent employee’s time card). Choose from a variety of ID systems from ID Superstore and jumpstart your organization’s card issuance program.


Printing promotional cards for your restaurant or grocery store is relatively easy. All you need is a reliable ID printer, an intuitive ID design software and blank plastic card media. With these you can boost your business earnings by creatively designing and issuing gift cards, discount cards and coupon cards. Sold to customers for upcoming holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and special events these cards are an effective means to help you launch a successful marketing campaign each season of every year. You can also use magstripe loyalty cards for rewards programs and offer rebates, prizes and giveaways to repeat customers. Counter-mountable ID card printers at each branch location will allow you to print these promotional cards on demand.

Branding and Social Networking

Providing your staff with professional-looking business cards lets you promote your brand at various networking events. A direct-to-card printer together with an easy-to-use card design software will let you issue calling cards in seconds. Blank PVC cards come in various thicknesses:

  • 10-mil
  • 15-mil
  • 20-mil
  • 30-mil

While it is more economical to use 10-mil cards, thicker cards express dependability and quality service much better. Provide managers, sales agents, office personnel and kitchen staff with stylish contact cards that stand out and make a positive impression.


Boost your revenue by promoting your business with high quality cards! ID Superstore will equip you with the best card printer, software and supplies all tailored to your needs. Call us at 1-800-667-1772 or fill out our contact form here to get your marketing blitz for your restaurant or grocery store started right away.

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