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3 Visitor Management Tools to Help Protect Your Office from Unauthorized Visitors

In this article, we outline 3 visitor management tools that can be useful in protecting businesses from intruders.

Affordable Visitor Management Tools - Expiring Visitor Badges, Temporary Visitor Badges

One Step Visitor Badge Many companies have frequent visitors to their facilities but no efficient way to track who, or where, they are. Almost all of these people (customers, contract workers, couriers, job applicants, or out of town employees) have a legitimate reason for their presence but having so many un-monitored people visiting a facility presents a threat to an organization’s employees, infrastructure, and proprietary information.


Visitor management tools have, in the past, offered partial solutions to this problem but often involved cumbersome processes that were easily circumvented. Thanks to advances in technology, visitor management is much easier and more effective. TEMPbadge offers a full range of products and software that allow you to tailor your visitor management program to suit the traffic at your location while being easy to build into your daily routine.

Expiring Badges for Visitor Management Expiring badge supplies provide a complete visitor identification system that streamlines the procedure for documenting your organization’s visitors. As their name suggests, expiring badges are active for a set amount of time (usually 1 business day). Once a badge expires, its appearance changes. Depending on the type of badge you use, the badge could have colored lines running across it or the word “VOID” may display when the badge expires. You can even customize the way that your visitor badges indicate that they have expired.

Organizations with a high volume of daily visitors, like hospitals and governments for example, can incorporate a visitor/guest book into their visitor management processes. These books provide a one stop visitor management program, allowing users to record a visitor’s name and information while also providing an expiring badge. The visitor’s name remains in the book so that you have a permanent record of all visitors.

If your company requires a more high tech approach to visitor management, TEMPbadge software can be smoothly incorporated into your organization’s access control processes, tailored to fit the requirements for your specific industry, and integrated into your current employee management databases.

For more information about how IDSuperstore can help you with your visitor management needs, give us a call at 1-800-667-1772.

TempID Badge Book for Visitor Management

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