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4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Email Policy

In today’s hyper connected world, it’s virtually impossible to do business without using email. Merchants use it to reach out to customers while employees rely on email to get work done.

Email Policy

Email is such a valuable tool for communication and collaboration that we access them daily on a variety of devices including on our work computers, tablets and smartphones, even while on the road. Its usefulness cannot be overstated but for some reason, there remain a number of companies and business owners who fail to see the importance of implementing a policy for handling online communications.

Are you one of the few holdouts? Let’s look at 4 reasons why your organization needs a clearly defined email policy.

Liability mitigation. You would think that all exchanges on your company email are work-related and professional. Sadly, that is not always the case. If you have clear guidelines prohibiting the use of company email for non-work related communications and other inappropriate comments like sexist or racist jokes, then you and your company would be protected should a lawsuit arise that result from email misuse.

Intellectual property protection. By expressly stating in your e-mail policy that all communications sent via the company’s email system are monitored and reviewed, you will be able to deter any leakage of confidential information as employees will be more careful with what they share and to whom they share information with.

Brand protection. If your company’s email address is also your brand or company name -- which is often the case -- it’s critical that all communications, especially the ones that go out to customers and clients, be professional. An explicit email policy will ensure as much as you will be able to lay down in specific terms what your employees can and cannot do in their email communications.

Data archiving and retention. If your business is like most companies, you probably have procedures in place for archiving and retaining important documents such as contracts, memos and other written business communications. An e-mail policy will enable you to extend this practice to your online communications, which are as important as your printed ones.

A branded email address is like an ID badge. Whenever an employee sends out an email with your company name on it, they will be seen as speaking for your business. Ensure that your brand is represented professionally and ethically by letting your employees know what is expected and required of them when using your property.

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