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5 Reasons to Ditch Your Keys for Cards
5 Reasons to Ditch Your Keys for Cards


The concept of using locks and keys to safeguard important things dates back to several thousand years ago, and we have relied on them ever since. We find them everywhere – on our doors, our luggage, our cars and even on our jewelry boxes. They’re so ubiquitous we don't even think about how often we use them.

The locks and keys of yore were made of wood, which meant that they broke over time. They were also susceptible to brute force attacks. So, inventors found a way to make them more durable using iron and bronze in the mid-1800s.

But just like how ancient wooden locks and keys evolved into their metal counterparts, today’s lock and key have gone high-tech with smart cards.

While still popular, relying on a technology invented more than a century ago may not be the best way to protect your business, assets and employees. Here are 5 reasons why you should trade your bulky keys for smart access cards.

1. Generic keys can easily be duplicated

While keys are inexpensive and simple to use, they are easy to duplicate. This means that they can’t be relied upon for high security applications. Smart access cards, on the other hand, have physical and digital security features that make them nearly impossible to copy or forge.

2. If a key gets stolen, you’ll have to replace the locks

Keys can get lost, copied or stolen and when they do, you will have to replace your locks to keep your business secure. With smart access cards, you can easily and instantly deactivate the lost or stolen access card, keeping your facility secure without any downtime or interruption.

3. Lock and key systems are vulnerable to lock-picking and bumping

Do a web search for “bump key” or “picking locks” and you’ll probably never leave your house or office unguarded ever again. Some websites don’t just teach how to pick locks, they even sell the tools needed to just about anyone willing to pay. With smart access cards, you won’t have to worry about lock-pickers.

4. Keys can be shared easily and discreetly

While it’s never a good idea to share keys, some will do out of convenience. By using smart access cards, you will be able to track the usage of the card. This effectively keeps employees from sharing their access cards with unauthorized users because they know usage is traceable and they are accountable.

5. One key to a lock

For every lock in your facility, you’ll need to issue an individual key to all of your employees. With smart access cards, you can issue just one key card for every employee and program individual access privileges quickly and efficiently. And if needed, you can revoke access just as easily.

To learn more about access cards and how they can increase your facility’s security, speak with our plastic card experts at 1-800-667-1772 today. You can also reach us via email.

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