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5 Steps for Preventing Ocean's Eleven From Taking Down Your Casino

Preventing Ocean's Eleven From Taking Down Your Casino

Many who have seen flicks like Ocean's Eleven think that such elaborate schemes and scams can only happen in the movies. The truth of this is that as with most great stories and schemes, it has a root and reality taken from actual events. The importance of knowing this is that it could very well help you in making sure you do not become a victim of such actions in the future.

Watch out for Misdirection

One of the best ways to cheat or steal from practically anywhere, is to misdirect the attention of everyone. This is particularly true in institutions with directed security and monitoring systems. By creating a distraction, and drawing the attention of the monitoring and security systems to the distraction, both cheaters and thieves can pull off what they set to do in the casino without anyone noticing. There is a good chance that events and instances that warrant the attention of security may very well have been designed to do just that, which is why security and monitoring systems should also be on the lookout for other suspicious activity as well.

Check for possible Identity Theft

Most successful thefts or felonies done in casinos or even banks usually involve an "insider" to help check security systems, sabotage these systems, and ensure that the theft can be done with minimal or no attention drawn to it at all. This "insider" is usually planted by means of identity theft, since most known criminals already have a record at the police database, and institutions dealing with large sums of money, such as casinos and banks prefer to hire people who have had a record of working for other similar institutions, rather than pick a totally unknown applicant. By falsifying their identity, usually with the use of stolen or forged ID cards, badges, and supporting papers, criminals are able to infiltrate even institutions known to have high security.

Invest in a proven reliable Security System

Many often equate "latest", "most modern", or "highest level" or other superlative descriptors with being reliable. In the business of security, reliability is practically everything. In many instances, new and supposedly improved security systems proved to be quite vulnerable to tampering, tweaking, and manipulation by outside parties, completely negating any security assurance it may have had. This is why more people should really exert more effort in finding a reliable security system, particularly one that works well for their purposes, rather than just investing in whatever is "new", "latest", or "most modern" that is in the market. There is always that distant chance that the ones who created the new technology also installed a "backdoor" or alternate way around it, for whatever purpose they may have.

Familiarize yourself with all elements of security

Familiarity with all elements of a security system is absolutely vital in making sure it is effective, come what may. In many cases, managing or overseeing the security system is delegated to a security chief or manager, and while this manager may be of the utmost of integrity and can be completely trusted, there will always be instances when the manager cannot do the appointed task. When someone other than the trusted security manager takes the reins, this is where the possible security breach may arise. If you happen to be familiar with all aspects of your security system yourself, from the access card used to the electronic systems in place, you can save yourself the danger of delegating the task to anyone else of questionable integrity, leaving nothing to chance.

Never disregard the "small details"

Although security systems take in anything and everything into consideration, it is often up to the people managing the system to determine which parameters need the most attention, and which ones are just "small details". Thieves and cheats know this fact and often take advantage of it, making sure that their actions are classified as nothing more than a "small detail", which then cumulatively lead to a major security breach or theft. Things as basic as someone using a different plastic ID holder than the other employees could be a vital indicator that there is already a security breach in your institution.

Why worry over security breaches when you can get an ID system that you can rely on? Call 1-800-667-1772 now to talk to one of our professionals, or if you prefer, you may also reach us via e-mail.

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