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5 Unconventional Uses for Campus ID Cards

Today’s campus ID cards are more versatile than ever. In addition to serving as a credential that identifies a student, faculty, or staff as a bona fide member of an academic institution, school ID cards also provide a multitude of functions that streamline campus security as well as enhance school services.

As ID cards become smarter, many schools are finding novel uses for these plastic cards. Read on to learn how some colleges and universities are thinking outside of the box.

As a budgeting tool for parents

Most smart ID cards used in schools now include debit functionality. It allows students to pay for cafeteria meals, copier service, and for other transactions on and off campus using their ID cards. Because the cards are tied to a debit account, parents can fund and monitor the account remotely. To curb abuse or overspending, usage can be restricted to a predetermined set of services and establishments.

As a means to enhance parent-school communication

Campus ID cards that have time and attendance tracking as well as access control functionality are sometimes used to send regular notifications to parents, so they can sleep soundly knowing their child is safe at home in his college dorm.

As a way to increase student participation in school events

In an effort to boost school spirit and increase student participation, some schools are now giving extra credits to students who attend school events. Their attendance at school activities is automatically tracked using their smart ID cards.

As a means to track student participation in off-campus enrichment programs

To promote off campus learning, schools encourage their students to visit museums, science centers and other educational venues to augment their classroom experience. Students use their ID cards to gain free or discounted entry into these venues, and are rewarded with extra credits on related courses.

As a motivator for students to perform better in school

Some schools use positive reinforcement to motivate students to do better in school. They do this by giving students incentives for their academic achievements, like free admission to athletic events and school dances as well as discounts at partner establishments. These privileges are tied to their ID cards, which double as debit cards.

Multifunction campus ID cards offer a number of easy and cost-effective ways for schools to raise the level of security in their campuses. These unorthodox uses show that with a little bit of creative thinking, the potential benefits of smart ID cards are endless.

To find out how you can do the same for your institution’s ID card program, speak with our ID experts at 1-800-667-1772 today. You can also get in touch via e-mail.

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