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7 Reasons Why You Should Use Biometric Cards

Early ID access technologies involved having to punch in a PIN number or enter a password before granting a card holder access to secure areas and/or use specialized equipment. While this two-factor authentication method is more effective than merely requiring badges to be scanned, biometrics offer organizations more advantages above and beyond barcode and magnetic stripe cards.

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Over the years, steady advancements in biometric technology has led ID systems to shift the focus from trying to authenticate individuals based on what they know to who they actually really are. By being able to check a person’s physiological and behavioral characteristics to verify identity, biometric security solutions have become a good alternative to requiring the entry of PINS or passwords as a second validation step. After all, your thumb prints, facial features and other physical qualities are much harder to steal than a series of numbers or letters.

With this in mind, here are a few key benefits biometric cards have over traditional IDs:

  1. Accurate identification. With biometric cards, buddy punches are no longer possible. Bearers can be identified much more quickly and with greater accuracy since their physical attributes can easily be checked and compared to biometric data enrolled in the system.
  2. Greater Privacy. Card users can transact more securely, confident that their personal details cannot easily be obtained and used in fraudulent, criminal activities.
  3. Enhanced Card Security. The level of sophistication inherent in biometric cards makes them extremely hard to tamper with and duplicate. Cards that already employ security features like holograms, optical variable devices (OVDs), and digitally imprinted micro text makes them nearly impossible when they additionally employ biometrics.
  4. Improved Card System. Biometric cards eliminate the need for extraneous card maintenance processes like passwords/PIN resets. Extra access badges for use by individuals with higher security clearances no longer need to be issued. One card design can be used for the whole system and access levels can be easily checked based on biometric data.
  5. Application Versatility. Biometric cards can be used for more than just access control applications. Other smart card functionalities can be included without any problems, like time and attendance monitoring, and payments and other financial transactions.
  6. Easy to Upgrade. Aside from the preceding point, cards that use biometric technology are easier and much more economical to upgrade from than barcode and magstripe cards. The cards can come with extra storage space that can be used for adding more information in the future. You can initially use fingerprint data and then later add on other biometric templates for iris/retina, facial images, hand geometry, etc.
  7. High ROI. As mentioned before, an employee cannot anymore have a friend cover for him by using his ID and punching in his PIN. This saves on payroll costs. Aside from this, the conveniences afforded by biometric smart cards as gleaned from the advantages enumerated here gives businesses a high return on investment in the long run.


If you are considering whether or not to use biometric cards, ID Superstore’s card experts are available to help you make the right decision. Fill out our contact form and we will answer all your questions regarding ID cards, card printers, and ID supplies.

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