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8 Gift Card Designs That Got It Right

Having an attractive gift card design is crucial in the success of your gift card program. With so many so many gift cards in the market, it is becoming difficult to make your card stand out. So, how do you separate your card from the rest? One way is through innovative and and attention-grabbing designs.

Let’s take a look at 8 gift card design examples that got it right:

1. Mr. Lube Gift Card

This two-tone, minimalistic gift card design is made exceptionally interesting by the creative use of a custom designed die cut on the cardholder that it comes with. This simple but effective approach exemplifies the design principle of keeping it clean and simple.

Mr. Lube Gift Card Design

Image credit: Rethink Canada

2. iTunes Gift Card

Nothing says music more than an iTunes gift card. With the iconic silhouette of a woman with white earphones dancing to some tunes on an iPod, Apple’s gift card design is among the best in the market.  It’s simple yet unforgettable, and definitely stands out.

iTunes Gift Card Design

Image credit: Apple

3. Amazon e-Gift Cards

Your gift card design need not involve complicated graphics and other visual elements. Sometimes, as demonstrated by this Amazon e-Gift card, the use of simple but humorous text is enough. Just remember to use contrast to make your text stand out.

Amazon e-Gift Card Design

Image credit: Amazon

4. Whole Foods Gift Card

In designing gift cards, it is important that you convey your brand and the products you offer. This gift card from Whole Foods does exactly that with the creative use of well-drawn and well-placed visual elements. 

Whole Foods Gift Card Design

Image credit: Whole Foods

5. Target Gift Card

If people can tell your gift card from the competition even without your company name splattered all over your card, then you should give your design team a bonus because they have done their job and they did it well. 

Target Gift Card Design

Image credit: Target

6. Disney Gift Card

People can easily relate to things that they are familiar with.  If you have a globally recognizable asset, be sure to use that in your gift card design. This is exactly what Disney did in one of its gift card designs. This Mickey Mouse gift card design appeals to customers both young and old.

Disney Gift Card Design

Image credit: Disney

7. Best Buy Gift Card

With rectangle shaped gift cards flooding the market, Best Buy took a different direction with its price tag shaped gift cards, which was inspired by its company logo. Design does not always involve text or graphical elements; sometimes it lies in the shape of the material you’re using.

Best Buy Gift Card Design

Image credit: Best Buy

8. Visa Custom Gift Cards

What’s a better designed gift card than the one designed by the gift giver himself? But with customizable gift cards, there’s a risk of ending up with a design that is a hodgepodge of different ideas that just don’t go together. This is where the design of Visa’s customizable gift cards shines. Using simple text, contrast, and a well-placed logo, any photograph can become a memorable gift.

Visa Custom Gift Card

Image credit: Visa

Sometimes the best designs are arrived at by drawing inspiration from the work of other great artists. The next time you’re thinking up a design for your company’s new gift cards, have a look at these designs a second time. Who knows, maybe your next Aha! moment might just come from the trends that these great designs set.

Disclaimer: All designs and images are the property of their respective owners, and are posted here for educational purposes only. ID Superstore does not claim ownership of these images.

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