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A Beginner's Guide to Plastic ID Cards

Plastic ID Card

In the past, ID cards were much simpler and served a single purpose – to identify the cardholder.

Thanks to advancements in areas involving card materialscard printing, and card security, ID cards now have expanded applications. While a card’s primary use in many cases remains cardholder identification, cards have now moved beyond just basic identification. Retailers, for example, utilize cards for their gift card and membership card programs. Schools and corporations, meanwhile, now use photo ID cards for automated time and attendance tracking -- all these make professional ID card systems a valuable asset to any institution, school, business, or organization.

So, what exactly can you do with a plastic card printer and a stack of blank plastic cards? Let’s look at some of the more common applications:


A good number of school identification card programs now integrate special card features like cashless payments for school meals, automated library and equipment checkouts, classroom attendance tracking, metered parking, and others.

Student Cards


In today’s modern workplace, employee ID cards feature more than the typical name, photo, title, and company logo. Modern corporate ID cards now have embedded chips that allow the cards to be scanned by a reader for time and attendance tracking as well as for access control.

Employee ID Card


Being able to monitor and track everyone who comes in and out of your premises is essential in keeping your employees safe and your business secure. By issuing visitor badges to all guests and contractors, you will have a system for keeping accurate records of everyone in your premises, keeping unauthorized persons out.

Visitor Badges


Self-expiring temporary badges are great for issuing contractors, suppliers, and visitors time-limited access privileges. Because the cards change colors over time, it’s easy to tell whether a visitor has overstayed his welcome or not, making it a very useful option for organizations with high visitor traffic.

Temporary Expiring Badges


Conferences and trade shows often draw large crowds. To maintain order and keep everyone secure, organizers make use of event badges to manage attendees as well as control access. Event badges are likewise used to distinguish workers, participants, and VIPs. Additionally, event badges make for great souvenirs.

Event Badges


Retailers, supermarkets, and airlines use personalized loyalty cards to reward repeat customers, increasing revenue in the process. In the past, loyalty cards were outsourced to 3rd party rewards companies but many businesses are finding that bringing the entire program, including card production, in-house are as cost-effective.

Loyalty Cards


Typically used for redeeming membership privileges, membership cards are also used for tracking member behavior and habits, which are useful for business planning and decision-making.

Membership Cards


A powerful tool for attracting new customers, gift cards are the most preferred and most gifted item in the United States. A gift card is an indispensable marketing tool, and the very same card printer you use to print employee ID cards can be used to design and manufacture gift cards for your customers.

Gift Cards


In a sea of business cards, how do you make yours stand out? The answer is in plastic business cards. Not only are they extra durable, they are also attention-grabbing.

Premium Business Cards


These are just some of the many ways you can utilize plastic cards. If your company, school, or organization is looking to start an in-house card program, or wish to expand the functionality of your existing card printing system, contact our experienced card professionals for assistance. You can reach ID Superstore by e-mail, fax, or phone.

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