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Adding Signatures to Photo ID Cards

Most photo ID cards include the bearer’s signature as part of the card’s security feature. It’s an essential component of any identification card. From driver’s licenses to employee IDs, you’re bound to find signatures on these cards.

Adding signatures to plastic ID cards typically involve three methods:

  • Using PVC Cards with Signature Panels
  • Adding White Signature Panels Using Signature Panel Ribbons Onto Plastic Cards
  • Printing Electronically Captured Signatures Directly Onto ID Cards

1. PVC Cards with Signature Panels 

The first and simplest way to add signatures to an identification card is by using PVC cards with signature panels. Because the card already includes a signature panel, cardholders can simply affix their signature directly onto the card’s signature panel using an ink pen.

If you plan to print on blank plastic cards with built-in signature panels using a retransfer printer, be sure to use a YMCKI ribbon, which includes an inhibitor panel, to prevent the retransfer film from adhering to the area where the signature panel is located.

2. Printed White Signature Panels Using Signature Panel Ribbons

If you have already stocked on blank plastic cards and don’t want to invest on new cards with sig panels, you can buy a signature panel ribbon for your Evolis ID card printer and simply print white sig panels on your existing card stock.

3. Digitalized or Electronically Captured Signatures

The third option is to add the signature to the ID badge as a digital image. There are two ways in which you can collect signatures and turn them into electronic or digitalized signatures. The cheapest way is to have the person affix his signature on a piece of paper and scan it using a desktop photo scanner. Another way is by using a signature capture pad, wherein the cardholder signs his signature directly onto the capture pad. Electronic signatures can then be imported directly into a database and added to the ID card design software.

However, not all ID Design software packages are capable of incorporating digitalized signatures so be sure to check with your software vendor for compatibility. For our customers who are using Asure ID Software, only the Express, Enterprise, and Exchange editions have this capability. If you have the Solo Edition, ID Superstore offers affordable software upgrades.

For assistance in incorporating signatures to your ID badges, call or e-mail our experienced ID professionals today.

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