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Because Even the President Needs ID - Improving ID Procedures in a Government Facility

Proper identification and security are among the most essential priorities any institution could ever have. This fact is further stressed in places where security is not only a priority, it is also a necessity, such as government facilities. These are places where identification goes well beyond just flashing your ID badge.

In institutions where security and the need for identification is paramount, what considerations are needed in putting in place a reliable security and identification system? It's a known fact that there are many who are skilled in creating fake IDs, what is to stop them from getting into government facilities?

Pick anti-fraud materials

One of the most common reasons for security breaches in most institutions is due to the material used in their first line of security: their ID badges. Sadly, there are still institutions that use laminated ID cards made out of thick paper or cardboard, and these are among the easiest to counterfeit. IDs made out of colored PVC cards are considerably more difficult to counterfeit, and decidedly easier to spot. This is made even more secure if high quality PVC cards, printers, and ID systems are used in making the fraud-proof IDs.

Compliment visual with electronic checks

In high security facilities, such as certain government institutions, an ID badge may not be enough for their identification and security purposes. Considering that more and more counterfeiters are getting more skilled in forging documents, stealing identities, and crafting false ones, having a compliment to the traditional ID system is definitely needed. This is usually done with an advanced ID system that incorporates certain features with the usual proximity cards given to both employees and visitors. In the same manner that most visitors are limited in access in government institutions, employees are also tracked through their usage of their proximity cards. Some systems even have electronic surveillance that is triggered when an ID or proximity card is used at an access point.

Security enhancing peripherals

There will always be areas or departments in government facilities that require more to gain access in than just a valid ID. In instances where security is this high and more clearance is needed, additional security and access keys can come in the form of peripherals that usually come with the ID, such as specialized lanyards or ID card holders that are also keyed to specific readers and sensors. This way, the additional security requirement is not obvious to those who do not know of the security system in place.

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