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By Industry: Casino Loyalty Cards

Multifunction ID cards that feature customizable magnetic stripe and smart chip encoding modules for data tracking are ideal for businesses like Casinos. In this article, we breakdown possible usage scenarios.

The gaming industry is all about risk and reward and your customers are looking for a thrill every time they walk through your doors. The best casinos and gaming establishments know that the secret to bringing in repeat business is to minimize their player’s perceived risks while maximizing their sense of reward. This isn’t just about the payoff percentage on the slot machines or at the tables; the technology used to handle these transactions dramatically impacts your clientele’s satisfaction with their overall experience. Having a high volume card printer such as the Nisca PR5350 on site allows you to create and program cards for every situation. This machine can print over 150 cards per hour to handle a constant flow of traffic. It is also easily customizable with magnetic stripe and smart chip encoding modules for data tracking.

Minimize Risk: Reducing theft and loss is one way to keep your customer’s risk level low. Plastic “cash cards” can be loaded with funds for immediate play and used to collect winnings at the end of the night. These cards can be personalized when they are issued to your clients adding another level of security to the gaming experience. If you place kiosks throughout your location it is a breeze to reload for another round of play at any time. Linking these cards to other amenities throughout your site encourages visitors to keep their money in your casino to use for vending and gift shop purchases.

Speaking of shopping, don’t forget to make your casino’s preloaded cash cards available for purchase as gift cards. You can encourage your customers to give these to friends and family at holidays and birthdays instead of lottery tickets. The anticipation of a fun night of gaming and free advertising for your casino is a winning combination. If you want to give this revenue enhancing technique a try before investing in your own printer, consider coordinating with our experienced service team to provide you with a run of custom designed cards.

Maximize Reward: Some casino visitors still prefer anonymity, but more and more gamers are willing to be identified in exchange for special perks. These players love having access to the benefits you can make available to them by issuing a preferred player’s card. Your software can track consumer spending habits and demographics allowing you to target your marketing with great precision. Offering discounts on hotel stays, dinners, and souvenirs will encourage your visitors to keep coming back for more. You can make your branding even more attractive by choosing metallic silver cards to provide a glittering backdrop for your casino’s logo.

Building loyalty by rewarding frequent users has never been easier. Your clients will quickly learn to swipe or insert their membership card before playing at any table or machine. This allows them to build points in their account that they can later redeem for free show tickets, meals, and other VIP experiences. Customers will enjoy the convenience of these handy wallet sized devices and it is in your best interest to make them last as long as possible. Effortlessly extend the lifespan of each card by adding lamination so they will stand up to intense use.

Other Uses: Of course, in the people intensive world of gaming, your customers are only half the picture. Employees represent your company image and should be issued badges for display on every shift to create an environment of accountability. Software such as the Asure ID Enterprise package allows you to download digital photos and other information for immediate card imprinting. Magnetic stripe cards are an inexpensive multi-purpose solution that can be programmed to track time, attendance, scheduling, and payroll needs. Additional levels of security in the form of smart cards can restrict access to areas where cash or other sensitive items are stored.

For more information about how printed plastic cards can help your casino business, contact our experienced sales team.


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