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By Industry: Event and Entertainment Access and Loyalty Cards

Companies providing services in the leisure and entertainment industries are in the ideal position to take advantage of the marketing and customer loyalty opportunities provided by personalized ID cards. Making all your clients feel like elite patrons is easy with reward points that can be earned toward discounts, free merchandise, and other special perks. Inexpensive magnetic stripe technology makes it simple to track consumer spending and administer your rewards program efficiently. Whether you are equipping a hotel chain or a spa franchise, you can benefit from a high volume card printer that will customize and encode your cards while providing the best image quality available. The Datacard RP90 Plus is one of the models we carry that is ideal for this purpose and which can print both single and double-sided cards. This printer uses over-the-edge dye sublimation printing to bring you superior full color results.

This type of printer is also a great solution for creating access key cards and cash cards for cruise ships and other luxury travel environments - providing greater security to passengers. Contact and contactless encoding options are available that enable your cards to carry significantly more data than the original mag stripe variety. Reverse transfer film is printed and applied directly over the embedded RFID or up to the edge of the smart chip. These printers can handle many non-standard card materials and uneven surfaces. Add a laminating module to create long-life cards or to affix holographic features that are tamper and forgery resistant.

Sporting events, concerts, and festivals are also popular entertainment venues that can benefit from access card equipment. Enhance your security by issuing ID cards and/or back stage passes on the spot for authorized personnel and guests. The Zebra P110i is a small, portable model that uses Load-n-go™ ribbons for quick field replenishment. The LCD screen gives simple operational and maintenance updates and the entire system is easy for users to familiarize themselves with. Monochrome, color printing, and bar coding capabilities come standard on this unit and magnetic stripe encoding can be added per your specifications. This compact, affordable, single sided printer can be paired with our heavy duty camera tri-pod and the back drop color of your choice to create an instant studio that can be transported from one event to the next.

For badge display or access card carrying, you can choose from a variety of clips, lanyards, or retractable reels. For special occasions or to promote your brand or team, you can also order custom lanyards with printed or woven text and logos. Take a moment to click through our online lanyard design tool to see how easy it is to select the lanyard features of your choice, or call a customer service specialist to discuss creating custom badge reels.

For more information about how printed plastic cards can help your leisure and entertainment industries, contact our experienced sales team.


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