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By Industry: Government ID

With the advent of standardized requirements reflected in regulations such as HSPD-12, government agencies are looking for ID card printer solutions that incorporate the latest in electronic (smart card) technology. Creating secure badges and access cards that are resistant to forgery is a top priority not just for federal governments, but for state and local branches as well. If you are looking for models that comply with the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS 201) and which are approved by the General Services Administration, we can help you.

All three high volume card printers explored below can be supplied with smart card encoding stations for both contact and contactless badges. Besides creating IDs for employees and contractors, these units can be used to create information management cards for voter identification, immigration, and national healthcare purposes. In an emergency, being able to issue fully functional badges to disaster management teams offers yet another reason to purchase a top of the line card printer.

Fargo HDP5000
The GSA certification for this stand alone card printer is not linked to a specific software application so you have leeway in choosing the programs that work best for you. Fargo products are used by the DOD and the State Department along with other agencies that require superior image quality and versatility. High definition thermal transfer and dye sublimation images are applied to the underside of a thin plastic film which is then bonded to the card surface. This process is ideal for printing cards that have smart chips and/or RFID antennae embedded in the body of the card since the printhead does not touch the card at any time during the print cycle. Dual sided over the edge printing and standard or custom designed holographic overlaminates give these cards a professional finish and make them difficult to copy or tamper with. A lifetime printhead warranty makes this unit a wise investment.

Datacard SP75 Plus
This reliable model brings you ultra-secure card printing with theft deterrent software, a locking mechanism to secure your supplies after each use, and a Kensington® lock incorporated into the SP75 unit to prevent unauthorized use. UV printing capabilities come standard on this printer giving you the option of invisible optical character recognition bar-coding. The built in lamination system allows you to laminate cards that have been previously printed elsewhere with ease, and continuous tone printing provides exceptional image quality. This model has audible prompts in addition to its back lit LCD screen and online help to make it one of the most user friendly printers available.

Magicard Prima
You can add an in-line laminating module to this versatile unit at any time using the simple joiner plate designed by Magicard. The laminator operates at high speed and can be ordered with an optional “turn-over” module for automatic dual sided lamination. A 300 card feed tray offers maximum loading capacity and multiple units can be run simultaneously from the same computer for large jobs. This machine offers reverse transfer printing on abrasion resistant polyester based film. The resulting ability to print non-standard card stock such as ABS, PET, and polycarbonate gives you the option to source your printing consumables based on fluctuating commodities pricing for these materials – keeping costs to a minimum.

Custom Printing
ID Superstore offers a secure location for the production of custom ID cards for government clients. A sample card proof is created for you free of charge to ensure your complete satisfaction with the finished product. If your facility is not yet ready to install an on-site printer or if your existing model is unable to handle an advanced or high volume job, let our service professionals get this done for you.


For more information about how printed plastic cards can help your government agency, contact our experienced sales team.

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