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By Industry: Law Enforcement ID

Law enforcement IDs like military IDs often employ a combination of of security features to combat forgeries. Read about different law enforcement usage scenarios in this article.

State and local law enforcement personnel can now have secure and compliant ID cards printed on location with dual sided card printers such as those manufactured by NiSCA and Datacard. Having the ability to print on both sides of the card allows you to format all necessary information such the officer’s department name, title, badge number, vital statistics, etc. without running out of space. Magnetic stripe technology can be supplemented or replaced by smart chip and proximity card encoding features for advanced applications. Datacard SP55 Plus Card PrinterID and access cards can also be useful in every area of the justice system from correctional facility employees to parole officers, process servers, and fugitive recovery specialists. In the event of a natural disaster such as flooding or forest conflagrations, having a card system available to process evacuees efficiently and professionally can be a life saver.

The Datacard SP55 Plus is a highly cost effective entry level printer. This model is designed to be very easy to operate and allows the user to preview cards before printing to ensure that they have been formatted properly. The machine comes in single and dual sided configurations and can be supplemented with encoding capabilities per your requirements. If you are concerned about possible unauthorized use of the printer, be sure to add the locking feature to keep the unit safe. The SP55 Plus can transfer digitized signatures to your cards to comply with state regulations regarding peace officer IDs. Use this feature in conjunction with holographic topcoats to enhance your visual authentication procedures.

Nisca PR5310 Dual Sided Smart Card Printer
The NiSCA PR5310 is a mid level card printer that is still within the budget of most law enforcement agencies. This unit can print on a variety of thicknesses and has the ability to support magnetic stripe encoding as well as the smart card and RFID modules. This unique printer can be supplied with a free software kit to take advantage of its bi-directional communication function. The PR5310 uses this capability to continuously communicate with both the PC and the encoding module to provide a safeguard against errors throughout the printing process. Dye sublimation printing at 300 dots per inch will give all the cards you produce a professional appearance and you can use UV printing to add features that fluoresce under black light as an added security precaution.

If you are planning to purchase a card printer in the future but need cards right now, you can coordinate with our design team to have IDs pre-printed and delivered to you. Our secure printing service can meet all your requirements and we are happy to work with our clients to guarantee their satisfaction. We can incorporate text, images, logos, and tamper resistant features at your request. Let us provide you with a free sample proof of your card so you can verify the quality and formatting.

For more information about how printed plastic cards can help your Police or Fire department, contact our experienced sales team.


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