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By Industry: Military ID

Military IDs are one of the most sophisticated ID cards around. Learn more about the type of ID security features used by the most elite and secure industry in this article.

Common Access Cards now offer much more than basic identification to military personnel. The newest generation of ID cards can incorporate advanced data handling through the use of integrated smart chips. These devices provide authentication in person and online through biometric information storage and encryption/electronic signature capabilities.

Since the year 2000, the Department of Defense has been securing more and more of its information systems with this technology as new innovations are brought to the market. Smart card devices can be used to secure the integrity of information systems and for tracking everything from detailed flight manifests to the deployment readiness of individual soldiers.

RFID proximity cards are on the cutting edge of technology for access control and are the device of choice for entry to military bases and other restricted facilities. In addition to RFID, military ID badges can also be programmed with ISO magnetic stripe encoded data to track eligibility for MWR programs and commissary use. ID cards are also a necessity for family members, retirees, and dependents to access healthcare and other services (PVC card stock can be supplied in the appropriate colors for any of these uses). RAPIDS locations for card issuance across the U.S. can benefit from low cost/high volume card printing such as that provided by many of printers we supply.

For example, the Fargo HDP5000 high definition card printer/encoder has the capability to encode contact and contactless card types and meets FIPS 201 standards for government use. Reverse thermal transfer technology applies the printed material smoothly over any card surface and a dual sided laminator can add a UV and scratch resistant topcoat for rugged environments. Custom holograms may be added to increase security and reduce tampering and fraud. This card printer can also be used to create regular photo IDs for situations in which it is necessary for military personnel to interface with civilian industries.

There are times when it may be advantageous for a military unit to have a small, portable card printer for incidental use. The Evolis Dualys3 is a dual sided color printer weighing less than 17 pounds. This makes it ideal for ID card printing in field operations such as providing support to refugees. Tracking rations, allocating medical care, and linking family members can be critical in bringing a sense of order to chaotic situations. Supported platforms for the Evolis include Windows, Mac, and Linux so hooking this printer up to any standard system will not be a problem. If a mission involves handling high levels of civilian traffic, our PassagePoint visitor management software offers several solutions that may also be beneficial.


For more information about how printed plastic cards can help your military base, contact our experienced sales team.

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