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By Industry: University and College Multipurpose ID

In this article, find out what ID card options are available for universities and colleges.

University ID with Smart Card Functionality for Classroom Attendance Tracking, Library Checkouts, Cafeteria Payments, and Parking Pass

College campuses and technical schools are ideal places to institute comprehensive ID card programs. If you install the right technology, faculty and students alike will be able to use these badges for multiple purposes. The Zebra P430i is a popular choice for large educational facilities. The printer can be equipped with magnetic stripe, RFID, contact, and contactless card encoding making it extremely versatile. This model is part of the latest generation of Zebra printers and combines monochrome thermal transfer and full color dye sublimation printing in a single unit to fulfill your ID creation needs.

By planning to integrate preloaded debit features into your cards, you may be able to negotiate a partnership with a local bank or credit union to defray the initial cost of your printing and encoding equipment. IDs that act as debit cards are an attractive option since they can be monitored by parents and reloaded at their discretion. These student cards may be used to manage everything from tuition to transportation costs (and restricted from being used to purchase tobacco products or other objectionable items). Since debit cards can only be used in conjunction with a PIN number they are safer to carry than cash. Having the card imprinted with the student’s photo makes it even more secure.

A Full Bleed Parking Pass from the University of Cincinatti

ID badges are especially important for mid to large size colleges to guarantee that only authorized students, personnel, and visitors are present on campus. Choose from many available options for displaying ID cards including lanyards, badge clips, and even arm bands. This way security will be able to spot those who are not wearing the proper identification and question their authorization to be on school property. Holographic overlay and other protective features can be added to your ID cards so that they are not easily counterfeited. Your school may also wish to create ID designs with different colored backgrounds or borders to distinguish staff from students.

The use of proximity and magnetic stripe cards to control access to buildings and offices is another popular use for these badges. You might consider issuing key cards for recreation rooms, labs, and other facilities that are set up to work during specific hours by individuals who have received the appropriate permissions. Check out our selection of video cameras if you want added security for areas containing expensive equipment.

Classrooms can be provided with card readers for students to swipe in at each class for attendance verification. Grades and class schedules may also be stored on student cards for quick review. Of course, badges that double as library cards are always useful and smart cards can be used for authorized internet access. College attendees may be offered discounts at various businesses when they present a valid student ID. Some museums and other learning centers even offer free admission on special occasions so students should be encouraged to carry their new ID card at all times. If you have an on site clinic, students may also want to store insurance coverage information and important medical history on their cards for instant access in case of an emergency.

Cards that are equipped with “points” for basic buying capabilities are becoming very popular for on campus expenditures such as text books, meals, laundry facilities, and copy machines. Your school may also decide to reward students for good attendance and grades with points that can be redeemed for any of these purposes. For an efficient and low cost printer with a magnetic stripe encoding option, take a look at the specifications for the Nisca PR-C101. This 9” x 13” model is specifically designed to fit into even the most crowded office environment and software is included at no extra charge.

For more information about how printed plastic cards can help your College, contact our experienced sales team.

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