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Can I Manually Flip a Card for Dual-Sided Printing on Single-Sided Printers?

The short answer is yes but we strongly advise against it.

First of all, it's slow and tedious. Flipping 100 cards by hand is not only time-consuming, it's counterproductive.

Secondly, while it is technically possible to print on both sides of a card using a single-sided printer by manually flipping the card and feeding it back to the input hopper, this method is not recommended because manual handling and reinsertion of cards may introduce dust, debris, and oil from your hands to the sensitive components of your printer, which can result to print quality degradation.

Worse, this non-standard use could result in permanent damage to your machine’s most expensive part -- the printhead. Note that any malfunction caused by non-standard operation such as manual flipping of cards could void your warranty.

Without warranty coverage, all repair costs are paid for by the customer. Printhead replacement can be very costly with the cheapest replacement part costing at about $470 at ID Superstore.

Most plastic card printers in the market are field upgradable. If your needs have changed and you now require dual-sided printing, save money by upgrading your existing single-sided badge printer to support dual-sided printing. Adding features to your printer by way of modular upgrades is generally cost-effective and a great way to keep your card printing system up-to-date.

To learn more about printer upgrades or for expert advice in selecting ID badge printers, talk to a certified card printer technician at 1-800-667-1772. You may also send your inquiries via e-mail.

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