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Best Prices in the Industry

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  • How Soon Can You Ship My Order?

    One of the most common questions we receive from new customers is about order fulfillment. Here’s a quick guide so you can plan your order according ...

  • What are Rewritable Cards, and How Do They Work?

    Rewritable cards are plastic cards that are reusable or erasable. They have a glossy side that can be printed on using any desktop card printer. On th ...

  • How Does a Barcode Work?

    Have you ever wondered how those series of seemingly random vertical lines called barcodes work? Find out in this article. A barcode is simply a ...

  • Can I Reuse Ribbons?

    With consumer desktop printers, we are usually able to save money on ink cartridges by having them refilled and reused multiple times. Plastic card pr ...

  • What Brands of Card Printers are Available?

    The ID card industry is a very vibrant one, with several industry leaders endlessly thinking up solutions that make workplaces, schools, businesses, ...

  • VIDEO: What is a Printhead? (1:18)

    The printhead is one of the most important parts of a card printer. In this video, we explain what it is and how it works. For Further Reading ...

  • What Kind of Blank Cards are Available for Plastic Card Printers?

    When buying blank cards for your plastic card printer, it is important to choose the right type as it can either spell savings or extra costs. All pla ...

  • What are Combination or Hybrid Cards?

    Hybrid cards or combo cards are a terms applied to cards that contain two or more embedded chip technologies. They offer a unique solution for updatin ...

  • What are Contact Smart Cards?

    Curious about Smart Cards? In this article, find out how these intelligent cards can help you improve your business' security. Contact smart cards a ...

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