Best Prices in the Industry

Best Prices in the Industry

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Industry Analysis and Best Practices
Industry Analysis and Best Practices
  • How Should I Handle Consumables?

    In this article, find out how you can prolong the lifespan of your card printer by learning right way of handling supplies. The health of your card p ...

  • How Should I Handle Blank Cards?

    Avoid costly reprints and expensive repairs by learning the proper way of handling blank cards. Improper handling of cards can introduce dust, dirt ...

  • VIDEO: 8 Tricks to Double the Lifespan of Your Card Printer (4:35)

    ID card printers are a considerable investment. Find out how you can maximize the use of your printer while avoiding costly maintenance in this video ...

  • 5 Gift Card Stats You Need to Know to Maximize Revenue

    Whether you’re buying them as birthday gifts or as holiday presents, gift cards remain the most preferred and most purchased gift item. A st ...

  • 5 Analytics You Are Missing Out On From Your Gift Cards

    Gift card programs are not just great marketing and revenue generation tools; they are great for data mining as well. The gift card analytics your ...

  • Unconventional Ways Successful Companies Use Loyalty Cards

    Bust open a shopper’s wallet or purse, and there’s a big chance you’ll find at least one loyalty card. Conversely, walk into a department st ...

  • Staying Relevant in a Changing Gift and Loyalty Card Marketplace

    In a world redefined by smartphones and social media, the conversation about gift cards is shifting to digital, mobile, and social. Brands like Am ...

  • How Big Box Retailers Get a 1000x Return From Their Loyalty Cards

    Customer loyalty programs are marketing initiatives that businesses use to incentivize repeat customers.  It started in the 70s, when airline comp ...

  • 5 Ways RFID Will Revolutionize Your Customer Service

    Retailers constantly face the difficulty of keeping the right products available at the right shelves, and in the right quantities. In fact, a stud ...

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