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Choosing a Slot Punch

A slot punch makes it possible to wear an ID badge using a lanyard or badge reel, with or without a badge holder.


A slot punch punches a rectangular slot or a circular hole in a plastic card. This makes it possible to wear an ID badge using a lanyard or badge reel, with or without a badge holder. You can choose from several varieties of hand held and table top slot punch models specifically designed to cut cleanly through plastic. If you are punching only a few dozen cards at any one time you can probably use a hand held model. Please note that hole-punches designed for paper are not suitable for this purpose since they are not sturdy enough to handle the heavy plastic material.


If you need to create a circular hole in your plastic cards for inserting a chain or a swivel clip you can purchase a slot punch with a round punch. Hand held punches can be used by most people for a few dozen cards at a time. For punching larger number of card there are automated electric models available that do not require any human strength.


Slot punches come with or without edge guides. Unless you have a really good eye for measuring distances you will probably want to order the slot punch with the edge guide. It can be adjusted for horizontal and vertical cards so your slots are always centered perfectly. This will give all your IDs a uniform and professional look. It also ensures that the slot lines up with the corresponding opening in any badge holder you may be using. These stainless steel punches are well made and designed to last. All hand punches are spring loaded so they open back up on their own after each compression. Be sure that you do not mess up your card design with slot or hole that you punch. If you do not want to punch holes buy badge holders. Badge holders have pre punched holes or have a strap clip attached to them so that it can be worn without doing anything more.


Desktop Slot Puncher

A desktop slot punch looks like a large stapler. It is easier to use then the handheld one because the top portion can be depressed with the heel of your hand. This version also comes with an optional guide to help you align your cards properly. Stapler style slot punches are usually easier to find and to operate then the hand held ones.


For punching high volumes of cards you can skip the previously listed devices altogether and treat yourself to an electric model. There is no point in making your hand sore from punching hundreds of cards when an electric slot punch can be operated with the push of a button. These come in standard and heavy duty versions. They use a foot switch (like a sewing machine) so all you have to do is load a card in and gently press the pedal. Centering guides are included on this equipment and the slot size is adjustable from 1/8” to 5/8” to accommodate different attachments. The positioning of the hole can also be moved closer to or further from the edge of the card if you wish.


For more information about choosing your slot punch contact our experienced sales team.

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