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Choosing Badge Reels

Badge reels come at several price points, with different features, different shapes and different uses. All badge reels have a way of attaching the reel to the person's belt or clothing. How strong a reel you will need depends on what you hang on the badge reel. Any badge reel will carry an ID card but you need a heavy-duty reel to carry keys.

As a suggestion, use your marketing budget to purchase promotional reels to use as giveaways at trade shows and by sales staff. Use your security or operational budget for purchasing badge reels for staff and executives. For the big shots buy the best. To reduce admin costs buy enough badge reels for one year or you can place an auto repeat order with ID Superstore where we can send you or your mailing service 1,000 reels every quarter.

Economy badge reels are designed to be given away in large quantities as a promotional item. Also companies with high turnover will use the less expensive models to give to employees. Heavy-duty and reinforced models are long lasting and perfect for everyday use by people working in labor-intensive environments. Many badge reels come with a sticker already attached so you can label a reel as yours or note which key you have clipped to it in case you forget. If your whole family uses badge reels, for example, labelling them makes it easy to tell which one you are grabbing off the side table on your way out the door each morning.

Smart reels incorporate a quick lock feature and a release button much like a metal measuring tape. This allows you to leave the cord extended in situations during which you don’t want the cord to retract immediately. If you are required to enter a code or scan your fingerprint in an access pad while simultaneously inserting a key card into a door lock, this can make the process much easier. No-twist badge reels are specifically designed to prevent your ID from flipping around as you move about. This allows you to keep your security credentials facing outward for visibility at all times. Swivel badge reels rotate toward the direction in which they are pulled to reduce strain on the clothing item to which they are attached.

If your company requires IDs to be displayed by hanging from a lanyard around the neck, you can still add the convenience of a reel by purchasing a badge reel/lanyard combination.

If you need to carry multiple keys with you, choose a badge reel with the circular key ring attachment. To surprise people with the unique look of your badge reels, give out heart shaped ones for special occasions.

Once you have decided what badge reel features and functions you require for your application, you can choose the remaining options based on personal taste. Badge reels can be round or square shaped and made of transparent or solid plastic. They can even sport a chrome or gold tone finish for an eye catching shine.

For more information about choosing your badge reels contact our experienced sales team.


Badge Reel Clips Collage

Purpose of Product:

Badge reels use a retractor device to display badges that require presentation to card readers.


Badge reels consist of:

  • A nylon cord
  • A retractable spring
  • A plastic or metal case
  • A clip that attaches to a person’s belt or clothes

Reel Clips:

There are four popular methods for clips:

  • Swivel Spring Clips
  • Belt Clips
  • Spring Clips
  • Carabiner Clips

Badge Reel Customization:

Badge reels can be customized in three ways:

  • Pad Printing: Ink is pressed directly onto the reel.
  • Flat Label: Label is flush with the badge reel surface.
  • Domed Label: Uses A raised 3D label to give the reel character.

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