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Choosing Expiring Badges

Expiring badges are a good way to manage visitors. Learn about your options.

Brady People ID offers many different types of Visitor Management supplies. Currently, IDSuperstore offers:

    Expiring Badges:

Product Type Features
ONEstep TIMEbadge Expiring Badge

  • Front and back combined as 1 product
  • Peel liner, press together and issue to visitor
  • 1 day expiration
Expiring School badges

  • Specifically for schools to prevent tampering of personal info
  • Manual or direct thermal
  • ½ day or 1 day

Please note that badge customization is available.


    Log Books:

Product Type Features
  • Sign-in system for recording visitors and issuing self-expiring badges
  • Using the log book consists of 6 steps:
    1. Fill out Badge with visitor's information.
    2. Peel badge from book.
    3. Fold tab.
    4. Give badge to visitor.
    5. The badge will expire in 12-14 hours. Expired badges will display "Void"
    6. Peel used page to see duplicate log.
  • Logbooks provide customers with the easiest form of visitor badge systems and are an upgrade on traditional logbooks.
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