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Choosing Shielded Badge Holders

In this article, find out which badge holder is best for your smart card.


Purpose of Product:

In addition to protecting badges from physical damage, shielded badge holders provide the added benefit of preventing unauthorized access to information
(called skimming) stored on:

  • Contactless credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • 13.56 MHz RFID technology cards such as:

    • MiFARE
    • iClass
    • PIV
    • CAC
    • TWIC
    • FRAC

Unauthorized access to information on these cards can lead to identity theft.


The shield is created by a thin layer of metal that prevents transmission of info.

Shielded badge holders are made from three different materials:

  • Vinyl:

    • Keeps dirt and other elements from damaging cards
    • Useful for cards that need to be removed frequently
  • Plastic:

    • Protects card from being bent or otherwise damaged
    • Useful for cards that don’t need to be removed frequently
  • Paper

    • Consists of a paper sleeve that contains the metal shield
    • Used for storing cards in wallets/purses
    • Promotional item
    • Tear and water resistant
    • Available with custom 4 color print.

Important Questions:

There are a few questions you can ask to help your customer determine the best fit for them:

  • How will the cards be used?
  • Does the card need to be easily removed from the holder?
  • How are the cards worn or carried?
  • Is custom imprinting important?

Call our ID experts for guidance in choosing the best shielded holders for your cards.

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