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Conference ID Security Checklist

Conferences, trade shows, and industry events all require their attendees, exhibitors, visitors, staff, and even VIPs to wear and display ID badges.  The reason is obvious -- name badges facilitate identification. Additionally, they are great for access control as well as tracking attendance and visitor traffic.

When designing conference ID badges, here are some points to consider:

1. Treat your conference badge like a road signage. This means that they should be large enough to be legible from afar. To meet this requirement, use bold and large fonts in printing important information. But with limited badge space, not all elements can be printed in large typefaces. This is where information classification comes in. Information that goes into your badges can be categorized into two: critical and non-critical. Important information like names and company affiliation are considered critical and must be printed in large, bold fonts. Non-critical information like event name, sponsor logos, and date can be smaller.

2. Utilize the back portion of your conference badges. A good use for the space would be to print the conference schedule for easy reference. Others opt to print the same information on both sides so that even if the badge flips, the printed information would still be visible.

3. Keep it simple and functional. It’s easy to fall into the trap of squeezing every bit of logo, gradient, and information into a badge but all that does is drown the information into a hodgepodge of text and artwork. A badge is meant to facilitate identification and promote social connections between and among attendees.

Now that you know how to design beautiful and functional conference badges, the next step is to make these conference IDs secure. There are several cost-effective solutions available. The cheapest approach is through the use of serial numbers. Numbered or serialized conference badges allow event or conference organizers to monitor and track badge issuance and usage.

Another security option that is easy to implement is the use of barcodes. No special equipment is required to print a barcode. To increase security and mitigate the risk of unauthorized duplication, barcodes can be used in tandem with magnetic stripes.

A third cost-effective option is the utilization of security holograms. They not only make it difficult to forge your conference ID card, holograms also make your card look sophisticated.

Ready to print your conference ID badge? Make sure it's attractive, functional, and secure by checking it off against this handy Conference ID Security Checklist.

  • Full Name
  • Company Affiliation
  • Designation: Attendee, Exhibitor, Organizer, Speaker, etc.
  • Access Restriction: All Access, Backstage, Conference Hall, etc.
  • Conference Name
  • Conference Logo
  • Control/Serial Number
  • Barcode/QR Code
  • Magnetic Stripe
  • Smart Chip
  • Issue Date
  • Expiry Date
  • Security Hologram

Optional Accessories

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