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Customizing Expiring Badges

There are two main benefits to customizing expiring badges. One is to increase security and the other is to promote the corporate brand or logo.


Purpose of Product:

In addition to their stock TEMPbadge products, Brady People ID offers customized versions. There are two main benefits to customizing TEMPbadges:

  • Increases security:

    • TEMPbadges are difficult to copy
    • Badges can be created for different purposes:

      • To indicate the location the badge was issued from or access restrictions
      • To represent different groups of people
    • A corporate logo makes it easy to identify whether a visitor is in the wrong office of a multi-tenant building
    • Custom printing makes badges more noticeable
  • Promotes corporate brand:

    • Advertises logo
    • Introduces a professional look on temp badge
    • Reflects corporate image

Types of Customization:

Brady People ID offers many different types of customization for TEMPbadges. Customized orders are made to stock products. The types of available
customization include:

  • Custom Printing, which can can involve:

    • Special printing on standard size, stock products
    • Color or wording changes from stock badges
    • Including logo or company name
    • Serialization (for added security/record keeping)
* Matching to Pantone Matching System color is popular
  • Custom Sizes
  • Custom Shapes
  • Custom Timing:

    • Brady Offers three migrating inks:

      • Red 50 – quickest, red 100 1 day/half day, Red 95 One week)
  • Custom expiration messages: “Void”, “Expired”, company logos etc.
  • There are times when customers need completely unique products. Brady calls these orders “Engineered to Order”. Engineered to Order products include:

    • Non-stock badge does not fit options for custom printing

      • Non-standard size
      • Printing on two sides
      • Unique expiration time
      • Different migrating ink pattern

Time badges are one-time use items that expire due to time or sunlight exposure. They can have an adhesive backing that allows you to stick them on your clothes. You can customize the message on these badges while choosing and expiring method. You can have the badge change color after time or exposure or have an image appear. Please give us a call and we will help you find one that is right for you.

Please give us a call and we will help you create the custom expiring badge that is right for you.

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