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Do I Really Need to Think About ID Software?

ID software is something that people should really put more thought in.

When people think about software in the context of an office or company, they usually associate it work and procedural automation. These are usually things like document creation and management, financial tracking and records, and other such clerical requirements. What may surprise most today is that even in security and identification systems, such as plastic ID cards and the creation of it, software actually plays an important part.

Security level

In the past, secure areas in an office or company necessarily had to have their own security personnel who would screen those who would come in and check their credentials, to see if they had the right security clearance to get in. Today, access technology that reads IDs with coded security levels do the same job but are more accurate, reliable, and practically eliminates the human error factor. This entire process requires the use of the appropriate ID software, and of specialized ID cards like the access cards and proximity cards used by companies today.

Network empowered

ID software can even be installed into an institution's local network, allowing wide area coverage and real time response to security concerns. Information coded into different IDs can be accessed from practically anywhere in the office in this manner, allowing security to know what areas the bearer of an ID had been to. This can even be programmed automatically, allowing the local security group to know if an employee is trying to access an area they are not supposed to be in.

Anti-fraud measure

Specialized ID software is also used to ensure that ID badges cannot be falsified or faked. This is done through a number of ways, usually by embedding special characteristics in the ID itself, such as holograms, images, or even text that specialized readers can detect and validate as being authentic and official. This feature provides a high level of security to the institution, as the measures implemented by the software on the ID itself cannot be duplicated.

Personnel and visitor tracking

Specialized ID software can also be used in instances where data about pre-registered personnel or visitors is essential, such as events that only cater to specific or a limited number of people, or if the presence of the ID bearer needs to coincide with a schedule. Different types of ID software can also required specific information about employees or visitors and record them for future use.

Have you put much thought into the ID software you are using and if it makes your overall security all the better? Call 1-800-667-1772 now to talk to one of our professionals, or if you prefer, you may also reach us via e-mail.

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