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Future-Proofing Your ID Card Program with Smart Card Technology

Future-Proofing Your ID Card Program with Smart Card Technology

An ID card program is a considerable investment in security. Whether you’re running a university, a healthcare facility or a small business, you want your ID investment to meet your organization’s present and future needs.

This is where future-proofing comes in. By investing in the right technology and platform, you extend the life and application of your ID card program beyond your current goal and initial requirements.

But how exactly can you make sure you're not investing in technology that's on the cusp of becoming obsolete when new innovations are constantly being developed and introduced to the market? The answer is in through planning and meticulous research.


When starting an ID card program, your primary consideration should be about what your organization’s needs are - but don’t limit your planning to your immediate needs. When purchasing ID printers, for example, look for modular models that allow for future upgrades. In choosing card stock, consider using smart cards that can be upgraded with extra functionality by simply reprogramming the cards.


Before finalizing your card’s design, features and application, find out how other organizations are implementing their ID card programs. Many industries have different applications for ID cards, but you may be able to adapt some of their applications in your scenario.

It wasn’t long ago when ID cards were just basic identification credentials where access was granted when security personnel recognized the person presenting the ID. With today’s smart cards, access is granted electronically and without human intervention in most instances.

But more than positive identification and physical access, ID cards have gained diverse applications, including time and attendance tracking, logical access control, payments and customer analytics, among others – all thanks to smart card technology.

To learn how your organization can take advantage of smart cards, speak with our card experts at 1-800-667-1772. Calls are toll-free. You can also get in touch via e-mail.

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