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Help! I'm Having Trouble Setting Up My Printer!

Having problems setting up your printer? We're here to help.

Broken Ribbon

Printer Initialization errors refer to errors that occur when the printer is first turned on and is going through its internal “set up” process. There are a few different types of problems that can occur during this phase of the printing process. Let's look at each of them and discuss solutions.

The printer initializes but reports a card stuck in the transport.

”Tattoo2This problem may also cause the transport to run more than expected. There are two steps you can take to troubleshoot this problem.

  • Check the operation of the card input sensor. If the sensor is blocked, it may be disconnected or not fully seated
  • Check the operation of the magnetic stripe registration. If the sensor is always active (non-reflecting) one of the
    following may have occurred:

    • The sensor may be disconnected.
    • The sensor may not be seated (doesn't reflect off of rocker).
    • The rocker assembly may be stuck in an elevated position.
    • The reflective pad on the rocker may be missing.
    • The sensor has failed.

The printer initializes but reports a broken print ribbon.

There are three steps you can take to find the source of this problem:

  • Verify that a cartridge is installed.
  • Check the encoder wheel for damage.
  • Make sure the ribbon encoder sensor is connected and functioning.

The printer initializes and the ribbon is advanced, but the printer reports that the index mark could not be found.

If the printer cannot find the index mark, try following steps:

  • Remove the ribbon and close the cover.
  • Check the sensor setting in Diagnostics. If the sensor is not active:
  • Make sure the reflective tape is present on the printhead.
  • Make sure the sensor is plugged in.
  • Replace the sensor.

Frequent time-out errors occur at the beginning of printing.

Time-out errors can be caused by other USB devices connected to the same computer. These devices may prevent timely communication with the printer. Look for the following:

  • Is the card creation program saving its file or database to a USB device?
  • USB mass storage devices where a program application is set to auto-save to the device.
  • A program application using or referencing a USB device on a regular basis.

For help solving printer set-up problems call or email us now.

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