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Help! My ID Card Printer Won't Turn On!

Did you try turning on your ID card printer only to find it unresponsive? Don’t panic. Here are some troubleshooting tips from our certified printer experts.

Solution 1: Visually inspect your printer and its power adapter

Inspect your printer and the power adapter for visual signs of damage like a frayed wiring, dented plug, malformed connector, or cut power cord. If you find signs of physical damage, unplug it immediately and call us at 1-800-667-1772 for expert support. Do not attempt to turn your printer on nor service the printer yourself.

Solution 2: Ensure that you are using the correct power adapter

If you routinely move your ID card printer from one location to another, it is possible for your power adapter to be inadvertently switched with a power adapter from a different printer or appliance during packing and/or transport. Please refer to your printer’s manual to find out which power adapter is compatible with your card printer.

Solution 3: Check your power adapter

Problems with your ID card printer can sometimes be resolved by making sure that your power adapter is firmly connected to the printer’s power port. Try these steps in the following order:

  • Unplug the power cord from the back of your ID card printer.
  • Unplug your printer's power adapter from the electrical outlet.
  • Plug the power cord back to the power port of your ID card printer.
  • Plug the power adapter back to the electrical outlet.
  • With the power adapter properly plugged in and the power cord firmly attached to the printer, try turning your equipment on.

Solution 4: Try plugging your printer’s power adapter directly into the wall outlet

If you are using an extension cable, an uninterruptible power supply, a surge protector, or a power strip, unplug your printer’s power adapter and try plugging it directly into a wall outlet to isolate the problem.

Solution 5: Ensure that the wall outlet works

Check if the wall outlet is providing power by plugging a different appliance to the same outlet. If the power outlet does not work, plug the printer’s power adapter into a different outlet that is confirmed to be working.

Solution 6: Try using a compatible power adapter from a different printer

If you have a second ID card printer of the same make and model, try using the power adapter from the second printer. If the first printer turns on using the alternate power adapter, the original power adapter may be the issue. Contact ID Superstore to order a replacement power adapter.

If you have tried all of the solutions listed here and your printer still would not turn on, you may have a faulty or damaged ID card printer. Call us toll-free at 1-800-667-1772 for more information.

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