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How Do I Buy Customized Hologram Overlays?

Hologram overlays are great for adding an extra layer of security to photo ID cards and badges. But for those that require military-grade solutions like governments and top corporations, custom hologram overlays are the perfect security option.  With custom-made holographic overlays, you can be sure that your badges can’t be altered, forged, or duplicated by anyone with an access to a card printer.

Holographic overlays can be customized with your company logo, seal, text, or a variety of security patterns and features that appear, disappear, or change depending on the angle of how the card is held and viewed. Custom holograms can also be covert, which means logos, text, designs, or patterns only become visible when inspected using special forensic equipment.

In addition to protection from counterfeiting and other high-level security benefits, custom hologram overlaminates prolong the life of a card by sealing the printed card and protecting it from wearing and fading as a result of constant swiping and/or exposure to chemicals and liquids.

To add customized hologram overlays to ID cards and badges, printers with laminating capabilities like the Fargo DTC4500 Card Printer and Encoder or the Nisca PR5350 High Speed Dual Sided Smart Card Printer are required. Not all printer models have laminating features built-in. Others offer the laminator module as optional upgrades.

Because they are custom-made, it is not possible to purchase custom holographic overlays outright. They have to be ordered and specially manufactured. The entire process, from ordering to manufacturing and delivery, usually takes between 8 to 12 weeks. Additionally, due to the complexity of the design and production requirements, custom holographic overlay orders typically have minimum quantity thresholds.

Custom Hologram Overlay Ordering Process

Step 1. Call our ID security specialists at 1-800-667-1772 to discuss your needs. Based on the information you provide, our specialists will make a professional assessment of your needs and give you recommendations.

Step 2. Evaluate and decide on material, artwork, and security requirements. After which, submit custom hologram design/artwork to ID Superstore according to design specifications. (Typically takes 1 week)

Artwork/Design Specifications

  • Artwork must be color separated or in clear black and white
  • Avoid submitting full color, grey scale, or halftone images
  • Submit files in the following file formats: AI, EPS, PDF (editable), CDR

Step 3. A proof will be sent to you for final approval. Note that any change, correction, or cancelation beyond this step will not be entertained. So be sure to double-check everything. (May take 3 to 4 weeks depending on your response time)

Step 4. Production of custom hologram overlaminates will begin after receipt of signed proof. (May take 4 to 6 weeks depending on complexity of order)

Need more information? ID Superstore can help you create a highly secure custom holographic overlay for your badges. Call our ID security specialists at 1-800-667-1772 today for assistance. You can also reach us via e-mail.

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