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How Do I Choose a Printer?

Picking an ID card printer should focus on printer features that best meet your company’s specific needs. Ask yourself the following questions and call 1-800-667-1772 for a quote today!

Am I going to be printing single or double sided cards? 

Many single-sided ID printers are compact in size, making them ideal for any workstation.

Double sided printers have a card flipper that prevents more card handling and printer damage, making them the efficient choice for printing dual-sided cards.

What kind of images am I looking to produce?

A standard 300 dpi dye sublimation printer can produce professional quality ID cards, but if you are looking for deep color saturation or extremely detailed images, a reverse transfer printer will meet your needs better.

How many cards will I be printing and how often?

Some printers are designed for one-off card printing or run only very small batches. If you frequently need to print large batches of cards, go with a printer designed for high volume ID card printing to reduce down time between batches.

How long do you need your cards to last?

An average PVC card will last 1-2 years. If your card has a smart chip or a magnetic stripe, swiping daily can cause wear and tear. Frequent card replacement can be costly to your organization. You can extend the life of your cards by adding a lamination module on your printer.

Will I be printing on smart cards? Will I be encoding magnetic stripes?

Most printers have a feature for encoding magnetic stripes or printing on smart cards. However some printers do not allow you to add on this module after purchasing. Depending on the brand of printer, you may or may not be able to add printer modules to encode smart cards and magnetic stripes.

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