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How Do I Design a Customized Card?

Most card printer design software come with a set of templates that you can use, but if you decide to use your own custom design, here are some tips.

Things to consider when creating your very own ID design

If you don’t already have a card layout, start by thinking how the card will be used. Ask yourself the following guide questions:

  1. How often will the card be used?
  2. How secure you would like the card to be.
  3. Through what features will you secure your card?
  4. Will your card be used as a photo ID?
  5. Will it require a magnetic stripe on the back?
  6. How will you encode the mag stripe?
  7. How often will the mag stripe be used?
  8. What types of fonts and colors are used on your card?
  9. Do you have an image file that is minimum 300dpi for your logo or images?

The answers you come up using these questions will help you design a customized card.

For assistance in designing custom cards, call our experienced ID professionals at 1-800-667-1772. You can also e-mail them through our website.

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