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How Do I Make Barcodes for My ID Cards?

You see them everywhere – on milk cartons, shipping labels, soda cans, and price tags – barcodes are ubiquitous. In the identification industry, barcodes have long been used to increase an ID card’s security as well as store useful bits of information like a serial number or a security code.

But what are barcodes, and how do they work exactly?

Barcodes are ciphers in the form of a pattern of parallel lines in varying widths that can be read by a machine, typically through the use of a laser barcode reader. They are printed on many products, often with the purpose of quickly identifying them against a database.

In the ID industry, barcodes represent an easy and affordable way of semi-covertly printing information onto an ID card. This information can be a serial number or an account number. The primary advantage of using a barcode in a name badge is the ability to quickly retrieve information from a card like the identity of the user. With a barcode reader, input errors are eliminated, accuracy is increased, and the authentication and check-in process is accelerated.

In terms of security, barcodes are effective at making ID cards difficult to reproduce because without the actual information contained in the barcode, a forged card will not be able to give out the correct information when scanned with a barcode scanner.

Just like any graphical element on badges such as logos and photos, barcodes are very easy to print on ID cards; in fact any ID card printer can print barcodes. The only challenging part is generating them. Several websites offer free barcode generation services including the newer types such as the Quick Response (QR) codes commonly used in smartphone apps and marketing posters, but manually generating each barcode and then adding them to each ID card is tedious and time-consuming.

Thanks to sophisticated ID card software systems, however, generating barcodes and adding them to identification cards can be easily and quickly automated. Most ID card design applications are able to generate and print unique barcodes onto ID cards. They are also very user-friendly. Generating a barcode is as easy as clicking a button or ticking a checkbox.

If you are unsure whether your existing card design software supports barcode creation or are looking to upgrade your existing ID card software to support additional features, ID Superstore can help you find the most affordable and suitable solution. Get in touch with our ID professionals today at 1-800-667-1772.

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